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First …

This is Piper, aka, Pip, Pippy, Pipsqueak, Squeaky, Nana, Nanners and sometimes Goofy dog.

Piper is a Rottie-Shepherd mix, with the emphasis on MIX. She’s got black spots on her tongue so there’s probably some Chow in there. She’s a good girl, loves her family is crazy about Elvis and her boyfriend too…OOoops… my bad.. lapsed into lyrics again.. (bonus if you can figure out the song and artist)

She really is a good girl. From the moment I put her down on the floor as a teeny tiny puppy, and she promptly pooped, I knew she was our dog. I told her right then that there were no free rides and that she had a job to do. Protect the family. She certainly took that to heart, and she’s done a great job.

Most people look at her and think she is a “he”, with her bruiser kind of look, and decide that maybe they don’t want to mess with her. They are right to do so, but to her family, she’s a sweetheart.

Enter the groomer….

Pip never has liked the heat, so I figured this year we’d give her some respite from her thick coat of hair and get her groomed. All I have to say is we couldn’t finish and thank goodness for a muzzle and two other people to hold on to her.

She was not happy. She is not happy.  You know how it is when you get a new haircut that you aren’t sure you like very much and you catch sight of yourself as you walk by the mirror and think, “Who is that?”  That’s what Piper is doing.

The result…

You’d think that the trauma would have been for the dog, but it seems more of an issue for my husband and kids!! One child sent me a text bemoaning the fact that her “dog” was now nothing more than a giant rat, and another said, “What the hell did you do to that poor animal?”. Still another couldn’t get past “poor thing.. poor Pip… poor dog”, and my husband came up the steps to my office in the loft with, “Are you proud of yourself? What is that??” (I’ve yet to hear from the last child, but she’s a bit busy signing for a new house today) Even friends asked me, “Um, why is your dog naked?”

At least she’s worn out for the day…


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