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Happy Birthday Grandaddy

My Grandpa would have been 100 today. I’m pretty sure he still lurks around now and then. Being the huge, vibrant and strong personality that he was, I have no doubt his energy is zipping around and having a ball. You go Grandaddy.

Personally, I just had a birthday as well and while not quite half of Grandaddy’s age, I’m on my way. I know my last blog talked about how nice it is to have someone think you look younger, but youth is more about how you think than how you look. (of course one of the kids at orientation last night thought I was 25… she’s my new favorite!)

In my head, I’m still in the 16-22 range. I don’t really think I’ll ever leave that area. That’s when I *felt* right in my skin in many ways. So, even when I finally am wrapping it up for my time on this chunk of rock – which will be when I’m 113 – I’m sure I’ll still be thinking I can do anything, because I can.

BTW, I had fantabulous birthday. Lots of good wishes, a day off work and a stroll through Gettysburg and this past weekend, friends over for a small party. Oh! And my front gardens weeded. Let me tell you, THAT was a huge gift.

Now, here’s another cool thing, though. I had been shopping for a certain wall hanging ever since I’d seen it and stupidly decided not to get it. I’d looked all over for it but couldn’t find it. I also had been hunting for an African violet, since I had the perfect place for it to no avail.

In walks Jenny, who hands me the plaque I’d been looking for, which no one told her to get! She just saw it and said, “Sharon”.  And then B shows up with an African violet. Again, no one had told her I was looking for that, but yet, there it was. FREAKING AWESOME!!

Maybe it was Grandaddy going around and whispering in their heads. If so, thanks Grandaddy. In any case, much love to all.


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Grandaddy

  1. So…this is where you are now posting your words…Very nice…kinda a pain in the a** to respond to ,but its all good….


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