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Hometown Homecoming

Not the best photo, I admit, but I wasn’t expecting a parade either.

Last night I went to O’Lordan’s for their Happy Hour Blarney Burger. Trust me. It’s a good burger, and for $5.50 it reaches into the AWESOME category. A big, juicy burger topped with bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato along with a side of asparagus and applesauce; it’s a deal! For those of you who like those nasty things called onions, your burger would have onions and your sides would be waffle fries and cole slaw, but since I can’t eat that, my typical burger night treat is alongside fruit and veggies. Hubby added two black and tan’s to his meal and we were still out of there for less than $25.00. Sweet!

Still being relatively new to the area, we’ve tried to find different ways to get around town. Last night we decided to explore the alleys. After having driven through Baltimore earlier in the day to get home from a downtown meeting, and being led through some dicey spots by my adventure seeking GPS, I couldn’t help comparing the two. Alleys in Westminster are… well… cute. They run behind houses and have little garages or small buildings you would have never guessed existed. For example, we found someplace called the “Blessings Building”. It’s a place you can go if you are in need. Glittering on the street in front of it was a shiny dime. I felt blessed!

After dinner, we drove past the “Liberty Building” where a debate party was being held and then got re-routed by the police department through the center of town. It was then that we started to notice people sitting on the curbing and wondered what was up. We parked the car and headed back to Main Street in time to catch the local high school homecoming parade. It was short and sweet, but the air was charged with excitement and the kids were cheering and having a blast. I’m sure some of you are used to this kind of thing, but to me, it was a true treat. This kind of small-town homey stuff is EXACTLY why I moved here.


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