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Rave-ing Mushrooms

Awhile back I stumbled across a piece about the Electric Daisy Carnival. At the time I thought it had been a one-off kind of event and didn’t pay it much mind. Then, this past summer, I happened to see a short documentary on cable and realized that this one-off event had become a multi-city, multi-day event. After watching the documentary, I commented to Hubby, “I think I’d go to that.”

Let’s just say he was pretty shocked, since I haven’t agreed to go to a live concert in more years than I care to admit. If it wasn’t a performance done by, or involving, the children’s chorus I don’t want to go. I’m not a huge fan of live events mostly because of the audience. The screaming and hooting and general disruptive behavior of a fan “enjoying” the concert is not something I usually can come to grips with. Sitting quietly and giving your full attention to the art the musician is performing is generally my preference. Live concerts (unless you are at a symphony, maybe) aren’t normally so tame.

I think I may have found my mid-ground. If I’m not confined to a specific seat and can find a place to observe from, noisy fans don’t seem to bother me so much. Now how odd is that?

This past weekend, I decided I’d take a page from my Electric Daisy Carnival interest and jump in to see if I really could put that on my “bucket list” by going to an Infected Mushroom concert/event at a local performance venue. Aside from Infected Mushroom, there were 3 other DJ’s that were there to whip the crowd into shape.

I’m pretty sure I was the oldest person in attendance, but honestly, does that matter? Well, maybe. If by wearing a sweater and a pair of jeans, you are WAY overdressed – even if it is only 35 degrees outside, it might be time to re-think my attire for the next time I go to one of these. Surely a t-shirt wouldn’t have been out of line.  I’d like to say that many of the females attending this were conservative dressers. The thing they were conserving was the use of FABRIC!!

Girls looked pretty much like this
And guys looked like this.. :0)

Still, I found myself reveling in how much fun these people were having and how they didn’t seem to care that some of them were walking around in banana suits, or Mario costumes, or had made a version of chain mail from glow sticks. They were just out to have fun and I found that infectious.

Things I discovered:

  1. I loved the high energy of the music and the crowd.
  2. I am totally into a rave…. if I’m on the sidelines in a fairly safe place. (almost oxymoronic, eh?)
  3. I had fun!

Infected Mushroom put on a good show, although it was only an hour long and I would have liked to have had more of them and less of the 1st official DJ, but still and all. The thumping, the jumping, the ability to watch – not participate – in a mosh pit, and watching body surfing was quite an experience. When I had entered the venue, I had seen signs posted forbidding body surfing, which I snickered at because really…. who does that kind of thing!? Well, silly me, of course that happens. Why else would they need a sign forbidding it? And I guess if the experience of traveling about 20-30 feet while 5-6 feet above ground with people’s hands all over you is worth your price of admission (’cause trust me, they haul you outta there FAST once they see you up there) then so be it. I mean, if people get a kick out of jumping from a bridge with a rubber band attached to their feet, then who am I to question body surfing??

I think the best part of my night was the clash of my two loves; The Chorus and Electronica.

When I first got there, I bumped into one of the chorus kids. He was dressed as I would have expected him to be. He said hello, gave me a big hug and told me his friend likes this “stuff” and that he’d come with him. I know he was surprised to see me there, especially since I tell him to button his tux shirt and straighten his tie for concerts, but he seemed comfy enough. It took him two DJ’s before he lightened up enough to do the simple flat handed arm wave that seems to be the preference of dance/electronica.

How I usually see students...
How I usually see students…

The other student I bumped into when we were going for our coats after the performance. She was wearing a fairly skimpy outfit in comparison with what I normally see her in and you could tell she’d been right down in the mix, jumping and pumping her arm and enjoying the show. She came up a bit short when she saw me and her eyes got about as big as saucers before she mumbled a hello and turned on the turbo charge to leave. Lol. Poor thing. I think I shocked the hell out of her. S’ok. She’s going to France with us, so maybe we can exchange a few mp3’s and talk about different bands.

Finally, when I went to rehearsal this past week, I was relating my weekend to some of the ladies who wait in the foyer. I hadn’t seen so many jaws hit the floor in years. Why is it so hard to think that just because my JOB is all about classical music and formality, that I wouldn’t enjoy something a bit rowdy like a rave? I mean.. c’mon!! lol (actually, I understand completely, but it kinda tickles me that I’ve not become pigeon-holed by what “people your age” are supposed to be into) I’m finding more and more I’m happy to follow this line of thinking!


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

5 thoughts on “Rave-ing Mushrooms

  1. You go girl! I think there’s a connection between classical & electronic (good electronic) music. It could be the layers of sound, the crescendo, how your soul feels happy, or all of the above. I can’t pinpoint it, but my heart thumps for both genres.

    I have knocked seeing two artists off my bucket list, one in my late 30s—Prodigy—and the other—Bjork, in Iceland nonetheless!—on my 40th birthday. We are never too old. Well, we might be when we are in our 70s. 🙂

      1. I thought that myself when I read it last night!

        Alahnna, you nailed it perfectly. The other artist I’d like to see would be The Chemical Brothers. :0)

      2. Oh yes, they would be good to see. The Crystal Method and Keen were on the lineup with The Prodigy, so I got to see them too. You might be interested in Aphex Twin. The guy that is Aphex Twin—Richard David James—is a musical genius. He even creates his own instruments. Be warned, he does produce some creepy stuff, but not all of it is.

        So, are you going to the Daisy Carnival?

      3. I have some stuff by Aphex Twin that I love as well. I have some Fluke, Juno Reactor, Propellorheads, DeadMaus 5, Daft Punk… and some others.
        This morning I went to the EDC official site and sadly, the Las Vegas and New York dates all conflict with Chorus stuff. Kinda curious to see when Puerto Rico dates would be. Might be nice to take Hubby there – since I’ve been- and get two goals taken care of at the same time. :0)

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