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Happy Birthday, Camp Nini


Camp Nini has now officially celebrated its first year! On February 27, 2012 we did the deed and signed for the house, although it wasn’t until February 28th that we were able to move in.

Settlement on Camp Nini was scheduled for the dinner hour so we could complete the settlement on the house we had sold earlier in the day. Tension was high, as it is when all are nervous about big purchases and large sums of money, while we all sat waiting for the title company to arrive. Sparse, idle conversation was attempted, but for the most part we listened to the clock tick on the wall.

And tick.

And tick.

Finally, the realtor decided they’d try to find out what was going on and quickly realized that they didn’t have any information on the company assigned by our bank to perform the settlement. To say the sellers were getting uptight would be exceedingly polite.

Enter my smart phone. Having your email chase you all over the planet is good now and then. I looked up an email from the title company, got the phone number and started calling. No answer. Not to be deterred, I called my lending institution on the off-chance that someone would be around at 7:00 pm. Lo and behold, my account manager was still there working. He finally got in touch with the title company who had forgotten we were supposed to have the settlement that night. To their credit, they asked if they could come that evening and suggested we all have a bite to eat while we waited for them.

After dinner, we all reconvened in the realtors offices and settled in to sign away. The sellers were more than annoyed with the title company and were gruff when accepting the reduction in fees they were willing to credit due to their error. As far as I was concerned, I got free money! Woo hoo! About a half hour later, we were done, and the proud new owners of Camp Nini. Since it was pitch dark out, not to mention fairly cold, we opted not to begin unpacking the truck we’d struggled to get up the driveway the night before with all our worldly possessions stuffed inside.

I’m not sure if you can tell from this photo, but our driveway isn’t very forgiving and it’s a pretty steep grade. Recently, we found out that some of the locals referred to our house as the one “on top of concrete hill”.

Hubby and I decided to spend one more night in a hotel before getting a fresh start in the morning.

…to be continued tomorrow… as is fitting…..  :0)


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