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91 Ketchup

There’s just so much to talk about! I’ve been busy – as always in the Spring – and (as always) it’s time for a ketchup blog. By the way, how the hell did the word catsup morph into ketchup? And how did the word catsup ever become the earlier name of ketchup? Thoughts to ponder during another blog, I think!

No, the blog isn’t about ketchup, it’s just my silly way of letting you know this will be a blog that fills you in a bit on the residents and what’s been going on here at Camp Nini.

THE AMAZING MELTING MAN– My hubby got the news that his cholesterol could be better and opted to make some changes instead of popping a pill. He cut down on his portions and changed up his diet to include more fruit. The weekend after we got the report from the doc, we went out and got a treadmill. He started using it right away and became a fan of sweating! Even though a severe over-pronation and flat feet (seriously, the man has flipper for feet) he wanted to continue exercising. We found him a local 24 hour gym, which works perfectly for his weird schedule, and signed him up. He’s been experimenting and mixing it up and now, 20 lbs lighter, and sporting some nice guns, the beginnings of a six-pack and some pecs and  – in my humble wifely opinion- some AWESOME looking muscles in his legs and tush (ahem, gimme a sec… whew!) he’s looking better than ever! I’m inspired by him. Which leads me to…

THE NEGLECTED TREADMILL – Fear not, o ye who were afraid that the treadmill would become nothing more than a clothes hanger, for I heard the siren’s call. (No, I didn’t fall – those holes in the wall behind the treadmill were put there by a man trying to text and run… let that be a lesson to you. Never text and run!) A while ago, I mentioned I was starting a switch to a more Paleo eating plan. Clean meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds and fruit are my primary food groups now. No dairy, no grains. My gut has been pretty darn happy! I’m glad to report that it’s been far easier than I could ever imagine to eat this way and I feel good. I won’t lie. I did have some “induction flu” where I was weak and listless and had a headache, but I also IMMEDIATELY had to come off my blood pressure meds. Poof! Just like that, one dietary change and my bp meds were too high. I went to the doc, who took my pressure and suggested I take a half dosage of my tablets from now on since my readings were so good. Little did she know, that I hadn’t taken my bp meds for a few days and the readings she’d gotten was simply my normal bp now. Oh happy day! Even though I was still adjusting, I also wasn’t losing weight, so I decided I should probably get on the treadmill and do some walking. I started the first day ramping up my walking speed, but now I’m up to walking briskly for 4 minutes and running for 1 minute. I repeat this pattern over a 35 minute walk. For me, this is HUGE!! Running? Really? ME? Awesome! I also stopped weighing myself every day. I think I’ll stick to once every two weeks or so. Otherwise, watching the constant NORMAL fluctuations were messing with my mind.



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