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Two Months, Paris and Two Kittens

I looked back at when I’d written my last blog. It was in May. REALLY?

I don’t know why this surprises me so much. Those last two months went by in such a blur, it’s no wonder I find myself sitting at my desk on July 18th and feeling a bit muddled.

There were the performances of Carmina Burana, France rehearsals, new auditions, progress reports, France preparations, travel plans and the like to keep me busy. Carmina Burana went over very well, the France rehearsals were always on the tail of new auditions, so that was a mixed bag. Travel plans were never-ending and progress reports were down to the wire, with the help of a Class Parent to help me get them mailed out before I left.

During all of this, my neighbor moved and life at Camp Nini was different. Not bad, just different.

Eiffel Tower

France went amazingly well, with chaperons that did a great job and music that was well received. I’ll write about that soon. I’ve found I really miss blogging. I know I say that every time I stop for a period of time, so it must be true, right? I read somewhere that you should be able to write with a pen on a notebook, but sometimes, the only way I can keep up with my stream on consciousness downloading (aka blogging) is to type!

It did take longer to get back to some kind of schedule this time. It was a good week and a half before I could get any kind of reasonable rest, which didn’t bode well for my granddaughters’ visit just 5 days after our return. I think that between the travel, the stress of the job and the lack of sleep, I’m not really as ready for her as I’d like to be. And now that she’s here… well… that’s a totally different story. I’ve never seen a more intelligent kid, but one who questions you, interrupts, asks the same question while you are still answering the first inquiry, is demanding and yet is kind and cute and funny and generous and loving. Trust me, it’s doing a number on MY head. She’s had it rough in her short 7 years, so bless her that she can still be fairly optimistic and happy.


Since it’s been proven that we really aren’t smart people, I also adopted two kittens the same day the granddaughter arrived. Both are 12 weeks old and are ADORABLE. I hadn’t realized just how much I missed having cat energy in my house. Honestly, they’ve given me more simple joy in the past week than I’ve had in that basement since I moved here over a year ago. I’m working on getting them to adjust to the dog and then… wait for it… I’m looking for a puppy. Probably not the brightest idea, but our dog is aging and lonely and I want her to be a happy camper. I know she misses not having a buddy around.

Sally - originally Scalliwag, but Sally fits her better
Sally – originally Scalliwag, but Sally fits her better


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

3 thoughts on “Two Months, Paris and Two Kittens

  1. “I looked back at when I’d written my last blog. It was in May. REALLY?”

    Yup….is really was……..

    any vids of FRance?


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