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Day 1

Today is the first day of what my friend Jenny decreed, “Operation Air and Styrofoam”. (whole30)

It’s cold and raining and a generally blah kind of day. Sitting on my desk is a copy of the most recent “Taste of Home” cooking magazine with a photo of a chocolate peppermint cake and the words “Comfort and Joy” next to it. Nah, no marketing of emotions tied to foods there.

This is the season of eating. Stores are crammed with goodies to gift, goodies to make and food, food, food. However, my time off the wagon has led to inner ear fluid jostling around, elbow, knee and general joint pain, swelling of hands and feet, and a craving of all things butter (which I love above sugar, but I’m lactose intolerant). Thankfully, I’ve stayed at about the same weight so, I’m not having to peel off massive amounts above and beyond what I’d like to lose before going on tour and going to my daughter’s wedding. Actually, just in general I’d like to take this off, but those are my goal dates.

Bless my hubby for agreeing to be supportive. He even slipped in a little hint last night, which I appreciated. He was busy doing a few things and suggested I walk on the treadmill. But not in a “get your lazy butt on there woman” way. Just a simple, “You could watch TV, read or maybe take a walk. Whatever you want.” Maybe next time it will be, “Honey, I’ll do the dishes for you. You can do whatever you want. Maybe you’d like to take a walk!”  Lol, just the trade-off of him doing the dishes in exchange for 30 minutes on the treadmill would be enough to motivate me. The treadmill is definitely the more enjoyable option.


I let this post sit open on my desktop all day as a reminder, which worked great while I was working. When I went downstairs to make dinner, I did fine. But the knowledge that there was still birthday cake downstairs was overwhelming… sigh…I know.. I was weak. If it helps, it tasted great, but I felt crummy all evening.

Now that the cake-tease is gone, I’m sure I can last an entire day. 😀


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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