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Mostly Moonlight

I thought I was going to bed last night until I looked out the window. I grabbed my camera off the hutch where I’d left it earlier in the day and turned to let the dogs out for the last time before bed. The moonlight on the snow was amazing! True, I’m sure my photos won’t do the beauty justice, but I enjoyed snapping a few photos. I’ve included a few from earlier today during a pretty hefty snowstorm (Thor) as well.

Thor arrives, March 5, 2015
I love the quiet when it snows.
Sammy loves being out in the snow. He bounces around like the happy camper he is.
Even when it’s REALLY coming down!!
Pip was happy just to watch him play.


Hoping for Spring!
Hoping for Spring!
Gorgeous moon shot off my front porch.
The light just called me to come outside, even though it was 5 degrees.
Sam wasn’t too sure about his shadow.
No special settings or lenses or even any retouching. It was just this clear and bright last night around 11:30 pm.
I liked the way the front light made the snow sparkle.
I think this is my favorite pine in my yard. :0)
Slightly more noise going on here because I took these last two photos from inside my house, through the window.
Out my back window. Note the shadows in the lower right hand corner from my roof line in the moonlight. It was awesome!



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