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Old People Are Hard to Keep Up With

As you may know, I’ve spent some time in Dexter-land (Oregon) visiting my bestie. She’s the manager for a beautiful community perched high atop a hill with expansive ocean views. If you watch HGTV often enough, you’ll hear the term “million dollar view” tossed around fairly often, but that’s common in this community. Let’s just say there is abundance and affluence here.

One of the things Bestie does is arrange social gatherings with this crowd. We go to dinner on Tuesdays, there’s luncheons, wine and cheese parties, a winery tour complete with limo, and byob bocce.  I don’t think there’s any even that a bottle of red isn’t either present, or welcome to. I don’t know how these people can drink so much!!

This evening we had a going away party for someone in the neighborhood and everyone brought bottles of wine to share along with other goodies. The table was groaning under the amount of food they brought, and the wine flowed freely. Everyone ate and chatted and enjoyed themselves. The guests of honor were very sweet people who are moving closer to the kids and hunkering down. I spoke with the gentleman and mentioned that I was considering the same kind of move, and he said he thought it was a wise choice to do. He thought it was a good idea to start resettling a little earlier than later.

I counted a good 15 bottles of wine gone, along with another 5 that were partially empty and 3 that were unopened, a bottle of rum (emptied), some beer (all gone) and a few mixed bevvies that were brought. Again, all gone. Sheesh!! Here I am, at least 15 years younger than they are and it’s impossible to keep up!


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