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4 Weekends, 4 Kids

We somehow were able to visit all four of our children in one month. The stars aligned and it was so.

We started our stretch by going to Virginia, where #3 lives. We enjoyed some relaxing pool time and a nice dinner out for my birthday, and just hanging with #3 and his partner. Very chill; very nice. We left his house on Sunday.

#4 lives in Pittsburgh. We were able to spend some time with the grandkids and enjoy a visit. With my fall schedule, it was going to be the last visit until Christmas. Total bummer though, because Halloween this year looked like it would have been a blast with them. This was the first year the kids were really into trick or treating, and how cute are these two?

On Monday, I flew down to Tybee Island, Georgia, where #1 was getting married. I had a few days alone at the beach before festivities, which was nice. By the weekend, Hubby had flown down for the ceremony. It was a nice wedding. I ended up leaving on the following Tuesday.

The next weekend we were back in the airport on our way to Houston to visit #2, his wife and the bun in her oven. Looking forward to going back to see them in January/February when the newest grandbaby is born.

Not sure this will ever schedule out like this again, but it was nice that it did this time.


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