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What sick bastard decided that daylight savings time, where we all lose an hour of muchly needed beauty sleep, would be on the heels of April Fools Day. Was this just an extension of that time honored tradition of playing pranks on one another just because it’s fun to laugh at your friends?

Why is it I can think of a thousand things to post on my blog, but then as soon as I sit at the keyboard, I completely forget? Is that the same thing that happens when you have it in your mind to pick up a few items at Target and as soon as you walk in you go blank and then wander the store, searching for the elusive red clearance sticker on all the endcaps and clearance aisles and if you are lucky enough, happen to have a memory burst as you walk past what you went into the store for in the first place? And by that time, you have a cart full of red ticketed items , which means the 4.75 item you went in for is now going to cost you 127.36?

Have you ever noticed that trees live in their own graveyards?

I went to a farewell dinner for one of my friends last night and the dinner conversation turned to giant ants, cockroaches and mice poop. Bear in mind we were eating at a chinese restaurant. The food was good, but the conversation didn’t lend anything to my appetite.

I hate being the center of direct attention in large groups. Otherwise, attention is good, but not too much. I’ve been likened to a cat. I want attention when I want it. If you want to force your attention on me, I’ll likely pretend to enjoy it, and I may actually enjoy some of it for a little bit, only to rear up and scratch your hand (metaphorically) when you least expect it. And heaven forbid that you find me playing with my prey and enjoying it, because just like a cat, I’ll act as tho I wasn’t having any fun at all and stalk away. Or I may just decided to roll around on the floor and smack wildly at whatever weird thing comes my way and then jet down the hall to claw up your furniture. Meow.

At this dinner, yes! back to that, I was made the center of attention a few times. Once in thanks for organizing the shindig and once as the center for an announcement that told everyone that – crazy person that I am- I am assuming the duties of not one, but two of the attendees. Both of these were expected, but what was not expected was that my boss would publicly pick on my speech. GRRR. I, like most people of any language, can have lazy diction. She is all about diction. She is from Scotland and has been trained to teach people how to speak and sing clearly. Apparently, she didn’t like that way I said “can” .  She hates a nasally can. So, there at dinner, in front of everyone, she wants me to say cahn instead of can. Now, how stupid would I look if I went around saying, “Cahn you pahss me the sahlt please.” Maybe I mumble or something, but she corrected me more than once last night, prompting me to publicly tell her that if she didn’t cut it out, I just wouldn’t speak to her anymore or I’d do nothing but be extremely formal with her at all times. I can enunciate quite well…. I just don’t like being reminded to do so.  (‘course, now I feel guilty for saying something to my boss in a public manner…. sigh)

How did this happen?!? All three of my children living in Maryland, are awake, in the same room and are conversing nicely.  In fact, the boys are getting along! It is April 2, right? Don’t get me wrong, it makes me very happy to have a peaceful Sunday morning with my family, but after years of in-fighting it comes as a double blessing. Ahh, life is good.


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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