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Strange Dreams and Long Days

I have had a long day. I started my day early, awakening from the following dream and jotting it down before I forgot it.

I was in my Mom’s basement (most everyone knows that for me, all bad dreams take place at my parent’s old house) in the far corner by our sump pump. On the left I saw somthing that looked like particle board, but then realized it was my mother’s old and moldering mattress, brown and stained. I felt violently pushed out of the corner by something. I couldn’t pin the feeling of what pushed, but I was afraid. I didn’t want to see what was in the basement. I felt my mothers presence. I was very afraid. I didn’t feel comfort, just fear. I somehow left the basement and went down and around the block to a place outside the basement that was exactly behind where I had been in the basement. (hard to understand I know) I found a woman in white who I went to talk to. I told her that I had seen this in my basement. I was highly agitated and nervous, wrapping things around my hands, worrying. She said we should go back and see what was bothering me. We were on a platformed structure. We had to climb down. As I was climbing over the edge to get to the street I saw a pale entity that I knew was angry although it’s appearance was cartoonish. As I got to street level, it began to storm. Across the street from where I stood was a tree. The tree was thrashing wildly in the wind, the sky was dark and ominous and lightning was either emanating from the tree or the tree was being struck repeatedly. White and blue sparks started falling like rain. The blue sparks were very intense and the white almost blinding. The woman in white ran across the street to go on the sidewalk under the tree. I didn’t want to do that, but she was encouraging me to cross the street. Lightening was zapping all around the tree. I remember thinking that I would not be safe and was leary. I knew the spirit had sent the spark shower. I couldn’t tell if it was a warning or doing it to hurt me. I decided to start walking/running on my side of the street, but back towards my parent’s house feeling drawn to the other side of the street on my right. I remember considering crossing the street diagonally from the thrashing tree and was starting to step into the road when I felt a male presence on my left hand side, slightly behind me. I glanced over my shoulder and saw a tall man in a vibrant blue shirt and black pants walking behind me. I felt very safe. I thought it was Frank, but I never saw a face, I just knew I was safe. I woke up.

After I woke up and had jotted this down in my paper journal, I went online to discover that at that time, 19 people had been killed in violent storms. I thought it was a strange coincidence. The last time my dreams and some event clicked like that was when one of the shuttles blew up. I had dreamed about a cat that was attacking a dog and the dog did nothing to defend itself. The cat literally shredded the dog. Then near what was left of the dog was a body, or actually a body in a space uniform and laying nearby was a helmet with hair hanging from inside it. I can’t remember the rest of that dream. I’ll have to go back and find it in my journal if I remembered to write it down.

I got up and did some computer work, made breakfast, went with Frank to his mom’s house to pack her things into a van we had rented, move her to Bowie, unpacked her stuff again, come home, made dinner, got a call from my daughter Heather saying she was going to be here tomorrow instead of the scheduled date of Saturday and then flying into action to get the office floor in shape for the laminate to be laid so the living room can be cleared so the kids have a safe place to be since we are in the middle of much renovation!! I know that was all run on sentences… but I’m tired and it’s 1 am, and without TONS of detail, no one will understand more than I’ve written about the situations anyway.

The wind is howling outside. It’s time for sleep, perchance NOT to dream.


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