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Emotional Investments (E investments)

We have them everywhere.  In our lives, in the lives of people we care for, at work, in material things; they’re everywhere!

So how do you make sure you keep the ones that pay you in happiness dividends and how do you “sell” the ones that underperform.  Since they are emotional investments, it’s not easy to just cut one out, and sometimes – just like it’s hard to find those extra few dollars to put in your monetary investments – it’s hard to find anything left in your soul to put into the pot. What is the dividing line?

I have a few places in my life that I’ve been investing in emotionally, and to tell you the truth, some of my investments just are not paying off. Let’s just say the brokerage fee is much too high. I’ve reduced my portfolio greatly in this investment, and I’ve diversified into some of it’s spin-off companies. But still, the parent company has to be dealt with. I created this parent company and then let it grow on it’s own, until it was ready to be an independent corporation. It grew rapidly and expanded early, diverisfying into a few smaller offshoots. Frequently, this company has had management troubles. The board of directors just couldn’t agree on where they wanted the company to go. There has been fraud and embezzlement and scandal, yet the company is still standing, albeit barely. This company of mine is ripe for a takeover. I can see a pharamceutical coming in and just wiping it out. Or my company may fall prey to cheap or illegally obtained labor, which will devastate an already shaky financial portfolio.  There is also the current threat of a hostile takeover of the only promising things my little company has produced, being the few off shoot diversifications it’s managed to hold together. All that being said, I just feel completely drained and nervous everytime I get an update on the companys’ prospectus. I can’t keep funneling my emotional (and financial) investments into this company, but it is nearly impossible to stop as well. So, I go swirling down in emotional and financial debt.

The other places I have emotional investments are doing fairly well. My E investment in myself has ALWAYS been low and I’m trying to fix that. I’m a firm believer that you can’t withdraw from your own E stores if you are already E bankrupt!!

Some of my other E investments are of a turbulent nature, up and confident and flourishing one day and then down and in need of attention the next.  Problem with that is,  I don’t always have the extra to give when those investments need it.  That doesn’t seem at all fair to those companies.

Maybe I need to fire my own board of directors or retire a few, as was suggested by a very wise advisor, and reasses my situation. I’m just so deeply committed to my current investment portfolio that I’m not sure which of these directors to let go.


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