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Starting to Annoy Me

This is starting to get on my nerves. Never did I want my blog to be nothing but a dream journal, but I can’t seem to find anything more interesting than my freaky and exhausting dreams to write about at times. I had another odd dream last night, occurring yet again in my parent’s old house.  This time my mother was in it and boy was she mad.  My paternal grandmother was there too, she seemed to be on my side. My mother kept going on and on about a three legged table.  I kept looking at it and I saw 4 legs.  (This is the kind of folding tv tray table that’s already unstable as it is.) She kept insisting and so did I. This was a crowded dream. My grand daughters were there, a “cousin” (that doesn’t look like any of my real cousins) who kept running around and hitting me until I got ahold of what he was hitting me with which looked to be a broken umbrella of all things, and whacked him back a few times, and an “uncle” I did not recognize, that I ran to for protection. Then I woke up.

And IF any of you doubted my sanity before (muhahahaha) then I’ll give you this dream from the past. I had this one years ago and I never could link this to anything that was going on at the time. Heck, if I can find my old recordings I’ll tell you all about the one with the babies scrabbling in between the walls of an old house…. but I digress. Here is the grandaddy-of-them-all wierd dreams that I’ve had.

I was (C’mon people, you should know this by now) at my parents house. (I swear the place must have been on bad ground or something) I was in the upstairs bathroom which is situated in the back middle of the house with bedrooms on either side, leaning up against the the window (which looks into the side yard of the house and now that I think of it, close to the sump pump area). There were electronic surveillance devices all over the bathroom, which had been set up as a command post to  explore the paranormal, which the house had been designated as.  I was part of a team that was to go into the hall and descend down a ramp. We went out the bathroom door ( I think there were 3 or 4 of us) and the people monitoring in the bathroom called “lights out”. Simultaneously, I saw my surroundings turn red and black in the hall and I was still in the bathroom observing myself in the hall on the monitor which had gone to infrared and I could see myself in red and black there too. 

 My perspective returned to me in the hallway and I started descending the ramp. My team disappeared off to the sides and I was alone.  I went down the ramp. There was nothing special about the walls at this time. I remember I felt pushed to go that direction. I made a hairpin turn to the left and went down the second ramp. As I got closer to the bottom, a huge cavern came into view.  I stepped off the ramp, into the cavern and saw the following. The cavern was round. There was an ornate carving of an angel on each post of a low dark brown railing that was on either side of where a pulpit should have been. (The kind of railing you would kneel at during communion in a church). I don’t remember what was behind the railing.  Where the pulpit should have been was a webbed lawn chair. The lawn chair was colorful, with a lot of blues and greens in the webbing. Suspended from the caverns’  ceiling, directly above the lawnchair, was a rowboat. To the left of the left railing was a round bed with a mirror. The bedspread was red. 

For some reason, I felt the need to sit in the lawn chair and recite the Lord’s Prayer. I began, “Our Father, who art in Heaven..” and at about this time I looked up to see that the rowboat had caught on fire and was getting ready to fall. I launched myself off the lawn chair and flung myself onto the bed face down to escape the burning rowboat which had crashed into the lawn chair I had just vacated. Suddenly, I felt the bed shift and a pressure on my back and then shoulders. I was being pinned to the bed by my shoulders. I looked up into the mirror and I saw a maniacal looking man in an orange top hat and orange tux with tails. He was looking at me and yelling, “Scream Hallelujiah!! Scream Hallelujiah” I managed to throw him off of me and began running up the first ramp. (Running in dreams isn’t always very productive!!) I felt/heard a low deep rumbling roiling up behind me, chasing me up the ramp. I made the hairpin turn and  the walls that had been empty before now had doors lining both sides. I was still “running” up the ramp, being forced from side to side, when I saw a woman leaning against one of the doors. It was Marilyn Monroe and she was leaning up against a door that had the number 62 or  67 on it, I couldn’t tell. She looked and me and said, “help me, please don’t leave me here.”  I just kept running. The ramp seemed much longer on the way up and I was having difficulty getting up it. The low rumbling thing was still approaching from behind, seemingly gaining on me. Every couple of doors, Marilyn would reappear and say the same thing to me, leaning on the same door.  I finally reached the top of the ramp, screaming, “Lights on! Lights on!” The bathroom door opened and I ran to the window where I had started.  The door was shut and I was the only one in the room, but that rumbling force I had felt was now laughing in a low voice and was on the other side of the door. The door began to bulge, as if the thing was going to push it in, but then abruptly I heard the noise receding and I looked out the bathroom window to the basement window on the my right and saw the red light coming from the window begin to subside and then go black.  I woke up!


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