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Just A Quickie

I’m sure I can’t disclose the actual names and places I’m going to talk about, so please bear with me.

I have the pleasure to work, yes I said pleasure and work in the same sentence, for a large well known university who has a very large musical branch. That is the branch where I work. I’m really low on the ladder, but my boss is awesome and the work she does with the students is incredible.

Some of the older students, about 100, will be performing with a large eastern seaboard city’s symphony orchestra and some combined adult chorus’. It is awesome to see these students, ages 9-17 perform in this well known concert hall. The piece they are performing is basically a 9/11 requiem. The kids have just about memorized this entire piece and as the adults are furiously turning pages, our kids just burst forth on cue with the most beautiful sound.

Tomorrow we rehearse with the orchestra. That’ll be different for them.

I should mention, that at the same time as the 100 students are rehearsing for this performance, we have about 16 more across the street at the Opera House, where they are performing in the opera La Boheme. Too cool.

I’m so glad I have this job!!


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