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Caution, not for young children and maybe not for men

I’m warning you in advance. I had a freaky dream. Some readers may find the contents of this entry disturbing. Some readers of this entry may also decide that I’m disturbed! 🙂

I remember a few snippets of my dreams this morning. That doesn’t mean that they are any less disturbing.

Snippet One and Two are just variations of the same dream.

I was in a store in a town that was situated on a hill. (reminded me of Pittsburgh) I was doing some kind of project where I had to create an artistic something. I was using super glue to put together this *art* and I had placed a blue cylindrical object (looked the size of a pen) on top of something resembling a tube of suntan lotion.  As soon as the superglue, pen object and tube of whatever joined, the places where they were joined began to bubble as tho there were some kind of chemical reaction happening. The tube began to lose containment and the contents, a blue liquid that for some reason was highly toxic and burned the flesh, began to ooze out and onto the heavy ply board I was constructing this *art* on. For some reason, I was trying to stop the leakage, and brushed up against the goo, which burned my right hand between the thumb and pointer finger.  When I looked at my bubbling flesh, I realized that there was also some of the tube sticking to my hand and I knew I had to get it off. No one was in this store and I looked over and saw a bottle of Acetone (nail polish remover which does melt super glue) and decided to use that on my skin to get ride of the tube remnants. After grabbing the bottle I looked back at my hand and there was a red scar there. I went out of that store and across the street to a convenience store. 

 The convenience store  had a counter directly across from the door and on the left side a small chair (where one might play Keno or such) and on the right side, there was an alcove with two small benches and a video machine. I went into the alcove because my daughter, Libby, was there. I was sitting across from her, and I could see a guy sitting in the Keno chair and just the corner of the counter. There were windows behind the counter and chair, and it seemed to be getting dark. In walked a very tall man, wearing a black leather jacket that resembled a suit coat and a brown newsboy cap. He had someone with him but I couldn’t see the other guy and I couldn’t see more than the side of the tall mans face. He walked over to the guy sitting in the Keno chair, who was wearing a grey hoodie and looked kind of strung out. They started talking and I got a bad feeling. I looked at Libby who was staring at the tall guy. The tall man slapped the Keno guy and I knew we needed to hit the dirt. I pulled Libby down onto the floor with me while we heard the altercation continue and grow. I don’t remember anything they were saying but then we heard 2 gunshots and the guys leaving thru the door.  I was just hoping they didn’t notice us because I knew that Libby had gotten a clear view of the tall man’s face and could identify him. When we got up, the Keno guy and the store owner behind the counter were dead.

Snippet Two

Then the dream repeated itself from the time I walked into the convenience store, but this time when I tried to pull Libby down onto the ground, she fought me and made a bit of a scene. The tall guy noticed us after he had shot the other two, but still left. Libby and I waited a bit and then we left the store too. We were afraid the assailants would return. We walked out of the store and started down the hill. Somehow, Frank had joined us. The bad guys stepped out behind us from around the corner. Frank told us that  on the 10th step we needed to run. We did, and shots rang out.. I don’t remember if it was me or Frank who got shot and went down, but the dream changed there.

In the beginning of this (part?) of the dream, I thought I was watching a trailer for a horror movie, but then I realized I was witnessing the events, not viewing the events, if you know what I mean.  I was standing on a small hill, it was just going into sunset and it was  beginning to go black and blue all around. There was a thing that was about the color of the text I chose today to write in slightly to my right. This was a female entity. I use the word entity because I’m not sure what this thing was nor how to adequately describe it. She was mostly an oddly shaped bony face that was hovering just above a pool of inky black liquid. There was obviously more too her, but you couldn’t see it, just knew it was there. She did not look human, so face is a bit misleading, although she did have eyes, nose and mouth. No sharp fangs or threatening monstrous features except that she didn’t really have a rounded forehead and her head wasn’t really round, more that her face was flat.

In front of this creature were some other things, (but I never really got a clear view of them, just knew they were there) and a  young boy about 10-12 years old.  He was wearing denim blue pajama tops and pants. He was standing on one leg, with the other leg extended behind him, held by the female thing and the other creature things had each of his arms spread to each side. He had brown hair and was very frightened. The female entity began saying that she was going to “divide the male the way the cells divide, in thirds”.  This didn’t make sense to me because we all know that cells divide in twos, don’t we?  In any case, I knew this was not a good sign and I looked away… I heard the boy screaming and I heard tearing of fabric, but I didn’t hear what I thought I would and that was the sickening sound of bones breaking and joints popping. When I looked back, the boy’s limbs were stretched out but in a kind of cartoonish fashion, he was still in agony and pain, but no ripped flesh just long floppy limbs. He was still standing on his one normal sized leg, but now his clothes had torn and he was exposed. The female monster thing grabbed the boys’ genitals and ripped them off. She raised them to her mouth and when she did, they had changed in proportion to her size. She looked at me and she said something about her reproduction and then she bit the enlarged testicles in half, spewing their contents of some kind of black liquid when she bit into them and chewing the half in her mouth. (There was NOTHING sexual about this.. it was disturbing and disgusting and I wanted to wake up!) I remember thinking that I wanted to get out of my dream and I said something to that effect and she got indignant and enraged at my disbelief of her and then wanted to prove her power, so she began to raise up out of the pool of inky liquid and as she did I saw her flat face was attached to her body by a short column of bone and then what you would normally think of as where your shoulders would be was a huge round flat umbrella of bone with dips and ripples in the brownish, tan, red bone and then beneath the “shoulders” were what looked like thick black charred roots. They seemed to also be hard, like bone, and as she raised up, I turned my head to look towards wth setting sun and all across the land that I could see, these thick black charred roots began to sprout up through the earth and the water.  I was overwhelmed and I woke up.

Now, I didn’t drink before I went to sleep, I don’t do any drugs, so this wasn’t some wild peyote button dream, I didn’t read anything disturbing, I didn’t watch the news and I didn’t watch TV… so where in the heck would I get such an uncomfy kind of dream. In fact, my evening consisted of tapeing closed envelopes and putting labels on them for a mailing for work.


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

7 thoughts on “Caution, not for young children and maybe not for men

  1. A vivid dream. Disturbing? Yes, but also telling. Have you thought of keeping a diary of all your dreams? I've tried, but almost always slack off. Though I did write a poem based on a recurring dream.Oh, and "no," I'm not running away! Not until your dreams out do mine on the wierdness scale. (I try to reason with my assailants until I wake up…it usually works).

  2. Varre, I've used my blog as a dream journal in many ways. If were smart, I'd tag them all or figure out a way to post them all together for easy access. I had one about Marilyn Monroe… I think that's in one of my oldest pages on here… and it was uber strange. (SCREAM HALLELUJAH!!)I'd love to see what someone else dreams up. I was told I should put mine in a book or something – maybe I'll just send it off to Stephen King and tell him to send me a royalty check now and then.

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