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What!! No flash??

Today I went to the  Centro of Oaxaca and visited the Santo Domingo Church among other places, but this place was incredible. Gold leaf on EVERYTHING.  Of course the minute I turn my camera on,  I get the low battery icon.  WHAT!!!! grrrrr.  And since I AM in a church, you can´t  use flash. This equates to taking about 8 shots of the same thing and praying (get it) that one will come out clear. But with no batteries that means you only get to photograph about 2 things.  My compromise was that I tried my best to have a steady hand which of course means I was wobbling all over the place and take a few shots. Then at the gift shop, I bought postcards of the shots I really wanted to be clear.

After leaving there, I felt it was ok to risk not finding another thing so spectacular that I could just keep shooting pics until the battery died. The thing lasted the ENTIRE day.  ( is that the same as the oil that lasted 8 days… but I digress). I got gorgeous photos of Oaxaca. Maybe all that praying did some good.

On a slightly separate note,  how many people who read my blog believe that God would be happy that the church spent tons of money on sparkly vestements and church decorations. Do you think that gained them any more favor than the plain little churches with nary a decoration and poor devout parishoners??  How can you preach the words of Jesus Christ and then make extremely ornate churches instead of taking the money and putting it back into the community…..

Ok, religious rant now complete. Time for bed and if God isn´t pissed off at me and decides to come collect me early, I´ll send you some more news from Mexico.


Buenos Noches!


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