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Slow Day

Today was a little slow.  One of my roomies is sick with a nasty cold and had to stay in bed.  I sure hope I don’t catch anything and I hope she gets better soon.

Since Susana was down for the count,  Lupita and I decided we would stick fairly close by.  We went to a town that specializes in green glazed pottery and also to a temple ruin. The people had built ontop of most of the ruins site and just this run down overgrown temple was left with no one trying to recover it. I was told that the State of Oaxaca has 7000 archealogical sites alone, but no money to excavate them. The Mesoamerica area has 70000 and the same applies. No money, so time ravages what’s left and people to the rest. It´s a shame they don´t take their own heritage seriously at times, but you see that in the USA too, so it’s a global thing.

A few funny things. There are signs alllllll over the place for Bimbo. I think it´s a frozen treat of some kind, but the sign is just tooo funny. Also, to look up and see Ferreteria makes me think of a buffet line with little ferrets and trays picking up seeds and fruits and chatting merrily. OK… I admit I´m odd.

Got to thinking about my tomb crawling too! When I was trying to get out of the tombs at Mitla, they were getting ready to close and my tourmates were calling my name for me to come out so as to not be locked in for the night. With the accent, my name sounds like Charron… now correct me, but isn´t that a god of death for some culture… pretty sure it is. In fact, I´m pretty sure he´s the ferryman for the river Styx who helps you to cross over.  So, they were calling for the ferryman of death to come out of tombs.  🙂 fun thoughts, eh?

Too much free time you say?? Maybe. The ladies nap in the afternoon and then go to bed pretty early and otherwise, they are glued to the tv watching spanish soaps at incredible volume. I can´t even think while I´m in there, so the hotel lobby has gotten used to seeing me come for my internet, reading, writing in my journal and just hanging out.



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