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Yesterday I went to a town called Cuernavaca. It is the place where the heiress of Woolworths came to retire. It is also the place where Cortiz built his home and introduced aquaducts to the town. The town sits in the clouds and from Mexico City, we took a harrowing taxi ride up and over the mountain to take a short tour which I understood very little of and then came home. Seems a tad silly of me to keep paying for tours I can not understand, but at least I get to see cool things and take pictures. After all, what else is Wikipedia for??

Today I had the rather gruesome opportunity to go to a bullfight. I am told that the matadors were not very good, but the bull died in the end either way! I watched 4 bulls go down.. cried.. and decided that now that I have seen it, I never have to again.  The art of the men and the excitement of the crowd was the cultural experience I was looking for, but the death of an animal via basic torture made me appreciate my mostly vegetarian lifestyle here. Of course, I could not stop thinking about what Frank had said… in the morning the bulls will be tacos…. ewww.

It is damp and cold here. You would think that sunny Mexico would be hot as blue blazes and horrible, but actually the weather is best compared to a warm October day. Not bad at all. Only thing that differs is that when the sun is out, it beats down on you very hard and you feel as if you are baking.

Tomorrow we are supposed to go shopping in downtown Mexico City.  I am still hunting some silver for you Libby!!

That is the update from here. Hope all are well there!


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