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I will take an IV of Saline, por favor!

Many of you know that I have a terrible onion allergy.  I am also sickeningly (hehe get it) sensitive to far tooooooooo many things to make life simple.  Darn it!

Early this morning, I got to check out how the Mexican hospital system works.  I was feeling terribly ill with either a horrible reaction to a bit of onion juice that was on my avacado that I had eaten, or Moctezumas revenge. When we got to the hospital, I was ushered straight in.  I was immediately put thru the vital signs, I was taken over to a bed and had an IV inserted in less than an hour.  I was given a shot of cortisone, given a shot of anithistimine and a shot for nausea. I was constantly monitored by a nurse and the doctor checked on me frequently. All my blood work was done and back in a very short time and I was released about 2 hours after being put in. I came home, slept like a baby and feel pretty good today, although I am on strict orders to rest and drink plenty of fluids. Diagnosis? Toxic reaction with a stomach infection. Double whammy!!! The bill??  $140.00 US dollars, give or take. Wow!  Except for the language difference,  I was not at all unhappy with the care that I got here.

My travel partner, Lupita, is threatening to call and change my plane tickets if I do not get better, so I have to go lay down and read or write in my journal, or maybe nap..



I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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