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All Alone and Loving It

There are days when it feels really good to be alone. You don’t have to be down or disturbed or even in need of a recharge to be happy with an alone day, although this thought seems foreign to my circle of people. They all seem to be highly skeptical of the fact that I could enjoy a day alone. I had/have lots of paperwork to catch up on and some organizing and shopping to do and I didn’t need to worry about anybody else, just me.  I got to listen to whatever music I wanted to and  as loud as I wanted without hearing any complaints. I got to choose whether or not I answered a phone call or email and no one complained when I pondered over which electric cord to by for my light display for 10 full minutes.  I was not called upon to create a meal or even reheat something for someone. The dog and cat DID require some petting time, but that wasn’t so bad.  I am amazed at how quickly my alone day went by, tho.  At least I wasn’t bored!!

The picture above is of my mother. How many vote that I look like her? Not sure why I thought to post a picture of my mom, except that she seemed to be alone a lot of the time, although she didn’t really enjoy it. But when I think of alone, I think of my mom. Isn’t that a little strange?


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