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Duh-ancing in My Kitchen

For YEARS we have used the kitchen as our personal dance floor. The kids and I have twirled in our socks as we baked holiday cookies, Frank and I have done a few twirls across the tile as well including dips (which thankfully, he never dropped me on). I probably dance in the kitchen the most. I crank the music, do the dishes and clean the counters and living room, the whole time swaying and bouncing in my happy music world. To say that I love dancing in my kitchen is an understatement.

Today, I was playing the album Risotto, by Fluke, a heavy beat dark electronica that’s great to dance to for most of the album. I had just finished the dishes and decided to close my eyes and just go wherever the music took me. Once I get moving, I am an energetic dancer, lots of hip shaking and bouncing going on there :)!

Imagine my surprise, as I was grooving in my trippy zen state of dance, the shock of a loud CRRRAAASH bringing me back to the present. I opened my eyes to find shards of Pfaltzgraff pottery completely surrounding me. And I’m not kidding, I was standing in a little oasis of clean tile floor in my bare feet surrounded by an ocean of pottery bits which were the remains of a HUGE platter I had on display atop a shelf approximately 5 feet off the floor. Imagine the impact of this heavy platter as it fell 5 feet and exploded it’s energy and various sized pieces of sharp earthenware flying everywhere. I found large chunks behind me (I was about 5 feet away from impact) and I found some on the other side of the kitchen island in the dining room. (a good 8 feet from impact)

My thoughts are twofold at this point. DA*#!! I broke the platter that I loved just enjoying myself, doesn’t it just figure?? And, WOW! How in the WORLD did I avoid getting hit with anything and even more WOW… look at this little space all around my bare feet where there is NOT A SINGLE SPECK of anything. I’ve come to the conclusion that it was either my protective kitchen dance fairy who loves to laugh at me when I get moving and wants to make sure I can still amuse her, or it’s the trippy zen state force field I had going while I was grooving. Or just sheer luck….but I don’t think so.


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