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Walking and Dust Bunnies

It sure is nice to be loved so well.

Thank you!

I just took a nice brisk walk one and a half times around my double block. Gotta start somewhere. I put on some bouncy music and stepped in time (I feel like I need a chimney sweep in hand when I say that) to the beat. Now I’m all sweaty and I FEEL GOOD! I think walking like that every day would be good. I’m certainly not going to post a photo of me in a bikini, the way a brave friend of mine did, but if I don’t do something, then I have no one to blame but myself if I develop an awful disease or get too stiff to move. As it is, my 19 year old delights in telling everyone that I’m getting “so old” and “can’t do anything anymore.” He’s referring to my recent trip with him to an amusement park where I only went on a few roller coasters with him. Better luck next time, Sean!! (Of course he forgets to mention how we cut the day short because of the fight that broke out in which one person picked up a large metal bar from a clothing shop and slammed it into another guys face and then all kinds of mayhem ensued with guys and girls all duking it out. After which, I humbly begged to be taken home because the behavior was more sickening then the rides were.)

Now for the real exercise, off to chase dust bunnies. I don’t know how they accumulate so darn fast, but my house has ALWAYS been a dust magnet. I don’t care how often I vacuum or dust or sweep, the next day it all looks as though I’ve just moved into a long abandoned house where dust and the bunnies have been living undisturbed for years.


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