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The Popes’ Spies

We like to feed the birds and squirrels in our yard, although I have put down an edict that come spring, the feeders that are currently hanging on two posts of our deck MUST BE moved to hooks in the yard. Feeding birds is a very, very messy hobby. On Sunday last, there were no visitors to my feeder when I noticed it was beginning to flurry outside. Fifteen minutes later, the snow had picked up, which means it’s time for some kind of warm beverage to sip on while you watch it come down, so I went to the kitchen to get some tea.

That’s when I noticed the spies. Eighteen brilliant red spies alight in my Mulberry bush. (Ok, it’s a freaking 25 ft tree, but a landscaper told me it was a Mulberry bush and until it’s otherwise identified, that’s what I’m calling it!) I got my camera to prove to the world that the Pope really did care about what I was doing on a snowy Sunday afternoon and the above picture is the best I could do from 40 feet away, in my house, through a glass door covered with dog drool, with a digital camera that has a cheesy optical zoom and my stability help was the door-frame.

Suddenly, it was a deluge of birds!! The more it snowed, the more showed up! Beyond the 18 male Cardinals, there were about as many brown females. And then this woodpecker showed up!!

It was nice to see such an abundance of nature.


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