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My Dream Man

I’ve searched about on the web to see if I could find a picture of my dream man, but I can’t seem to find one. I found some extremely good looking men, but none that matched the man I dreamed about. Seems funny, but since I dreamed such an intimate dream about him, I figured I must have seen him somewhere before, but I did not even recognize him in my dream, so maybe he was a newbie.

I dreamed that I was subbing at an old job of mine to help out a friend. The place had changed drastically in both size and color, but some of the same people were there. I completed the work she had for me and decided to check at the front desk to see where they would like me to put my work away. As I approached the front desk, I remember having to duck under some wiring and to avert my face and squeeze my eyes closed as I passed a group of police officers who were all carrying fishing poles with wildly swinging hooks and lures.(C’mon now, this is one of *my* dreams so you knew something had to be odd!)

The front desk looked like a long counter, similar to the front desk in a large hotel. Just as I was approaching, a gust of wind came from nowhere and blew some papers about. Little slips of paper and shrieking women went scuttling across the desks. I waited for a moment at the desk while the blond haired girl began to get her items back in order. When she looked up at me, I said that I had finished my work and was wondering where she would like me to put it, because I know how it can be there. She just looked at me with a blank stare. I introduced myself and told her that I had worked there previously. Before I could finish my sentence, she said in a clipped tone, “I know who you are.” I was not upset by this. In fact I was in a jolly good mood. The girl looked back down at her desk and I got the impression that my query was the least of her problems. I could feel someone else behind me in line and I noticed a friend leaning on the counter where it ran adjacent to the wall. I decided to step aside and allow the person behind me to speak with the girl.

He stood there in a chocolate colored suit with a tan turtleneck. His hair was dark brown, almost black and a little long, but not effeminate. He turned to look at me and had the darkest blue eyes and a truly devastating smile. Wow! At the time, he just seemed to be a nice man, so I smiled back at him and joked about the counter help since they were still having issues. He turned his head to look at me and I felt faint because he was just so beautiful. He said to me, “You could introduce yourself.” As I did, someone said something to him and he looked away. I didn’t find this offensive, in fact I laughed about it and decided to tease him about it as he looked back my way. I was still laughing when I asked him if he was going to introduce himself. He just stepped slightly behind me and to the side so that his arm snaked around my midsection and pulled me close. He was so warm. This was not a sexual contact. This was a contact that seemed so real that I could still feel him when I woke up. As he stood there, holding me, I felt calm and secure and happy. When he stepped away, the warmth stayed with me. He smiled and started to apologize and I told him not too. I remember saying that the experience had been like an intimate body kiss, without lips or sexual intention. It had been a soul touch and I thanked him for it. He just smiled at me.

When I woke up, I was still warm where he had leaned into me and I felt happy and whole. In fact, I’ve felt very energized and involved in my world today. So to the man of my dreams, I again thank you.


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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