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Can you guess who this is?

Up and about early today. My daughter’s alarm clock goes off at least 6 times every morning and some days I just can’t ignore it, so this morning I got up, made some coffee, breakfast, did all the dishes, made a pan of lasagna and answered all my email by 7:25. Now what?? I guess I can catch up on the news from overnight, read some blogs and start my work day although Thursday’s are my long day and I don’t finish until about 10:00pm.

I started painting my bedroom yesterday. I’ve had a cold that I’ve been ignoring but when I was bending over to open and move around paint cans, the pressure was rough. I let out a groan and my son started teasing me about getting old. I think it’s only just beginning to dawn on him that I am 24 years older than him and what that really means. Anyway, I wasn’t the one- 15 minutes later- who was complaining about his back hurting and making noises about his body hurting! I told him he was getting old, too! Just because I don’t ride as many roller coasters as I used to, don’t put me out of commission so quickly!!

My bedroom has never had more than the builders grade paint on it for over 22 years. This means I have to seal the walls with a primer. Ugh. I hate the primer color – a rose mauve- but I know it’s temporary. Still, with my new furniture due to arrive on Monday I see my weekend activities very clearly defined for me. Paint, paint, paint and um…. paint. Yeah.. that seems about right. Still, I’m excited to FINALLY be putting my room in order!

Sean moves home this weekend. We are looking forward to seeing him around again. He brings such an energy to the house and Libby has really missed her brother. Welcome back, Sean. How long will you be staying?? 😉


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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