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4 Coats

I’ve spent the majority of my weekend painting my bedroom a deep color called Ripe Currant. It really is a beautifully rich color and I think I’m going to love it once I get everything set up. The problem is that I have now put one primer coat and 3 coats of paint on my walls and I’m going to need another coat. I’m using good paint, Behr, but I guess this color is just that intense. The picture above is not my room, btw.. just a red room… I’ll post my room when it’s done.

Today, I would have finished that last coat, but the guys are supposed to come and install the maple flooring. I had really hoped that my painting with this deep red would be done PRIOR to my light flooring being installed. Too bad I didn’t know if I’d need another coat until the light of the morning… last night it was too dark to tell with my lamp. This room will definitely need proper lighting.

Frank and I spent part of the afternoon in Home Despot checking out crown moulding and baseboards. Home improvement projects do not bring out the best in our relationship. I think it’s crazy the way we just can not get along. I usually want to do things by the book and he’s willing to fly by the seat of his pants. Even though 99% of the project may go well, that 1% will be the thing I see over and over. I think that if we could come to a happy medium point, it wouldn’t be so bad, but we are both so stubborn that it just turns into a growling match. That’s why I told Frank that I’d pick the moulding for the room and he and Dave can install the stuff. I’ll have a Cosmo and then maybe if I don’t KNOW where that 1% error is, I can’t obsess over it!

I’m also supposed to have my new furniture delivered today… originally, the plan was to paint the room, get the flooring done and then get the furniture delivered.. in that order, but the best laid plans of mice and men…now the former contents of my room have been spewed about the top floor of my house and the flooring guys and furniture are supposed to be delivered at the same time. I guess the furniture will just have to be delivered to the living room. As it is, my mattress has been in the dining room for the past few nights… makes getting a drink at night pretty easy to do!

Hopefully I won’t be sitting and waiting all day, because all I want to do is get moving and accomplish, and if you know me then you know the inactivity is similar to trying to cage lightning…. it’s not wise!


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