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Space Shuttles and UAV's

I woke up this morning, groggy. I tried to stay awake and hang out with Sr. and Jr., but I just couldn’t keep my eyes open, so by 10:30 am I was back in bed.

I woke up at 12:07pm from a strange and deep dream. This was like a dream I had the morning of the Columbia Shuttle explosion, where I had dreamed that an astronaut was found, but the head was if not fully, almost severed from it’s body. There was more to that dream, but long story short, when I woke up and turned on the TV, the shuttle had exploded. Go check out my blog on April 4, 2006 entitled “Strange Dreams and Long Days”

In this dream, I was at a neighbors house, enjoying their company. (In reality, they are just long term neighbors and we’ve never been to their house for socializing, but their son is in the Air Force.) I had gone outside and heard a noise in the sky and looked to my right, which would be south- southwest, and saw, hovering in the air, the space shuttle and it’s dock kind of hanging in the sky, as if it had just reached the apex of an upward thrust and then it dropped back down, leaning to the left. It did not seem to have any control over it’s motion, but seemed to be more like it was falling. The dock looked a bit odd, because it was not the full array of framework, but looked like a minimal framework instead. I knew something was wrong.

Next, I saw something coming from the same place where I had seen the shuttle. It looked a bit like a B2, but it wasn’t. It was white, had some lights, had a band of red, white and then blue on it’s two leading edges and looked almost as tho it was hovering. I got the impression that its was looking for something. (When I got up I searched on the web and the thing I found that MOST matched what I saw was a UAV project called Pegasus or a Black Manta (TR-3A)). Right after the UAV headed off towards the place where I think the shuttle fell (which is in the direction of the NSA – since I live VERY close by), I saw another aircraft, this time it was flying quickly in the same direction these other two craft were, but it came more from the southwest and went over the house to disappear in the same direction as the other two craft. (When I searched for that I found my dream craft looked most like a Predator UAV, or something called an SKUA- or high speed target drone). Then I saw a formation of jet aircraft speeding overhead, fairly low level and I started yelling for Frank to come out and tell me what all this aircraft was and why? (In reality, my husband is an aircraft nut and when I woke up, I described the shapes and markings I saw and he instantly knew where to start hunting to help me identify these aircraft, because really, I have no clue what is a what!) He wasn’t responding to my calls, so I started walking down the street to see if I could get a glimpse thru the trees at smoke or lights or something going on either at Ft. Meade or NSA. I couldn’t see anything, because houses and walls that are not there in reality were there in my dream and I remember being very frustrated that I couldn’t see any further than I could. I do remember that one of the structures blocking my view was like a partial wall to a house, with the rest of the wall missing, but a clear view into someone’s living room. They were sitting in a chair, watching the news, but I was too busy trying to get around these obstacles to notice what the news was about. While I was searching for a line of sight, I heard the sirens from many fire engines going off in that same general direction and that scared me enough that I had to wake up.

I rolled out of bed and with still blurry eyes and a fresh vision in my head I went to tell Frank what I had seen, so he could tell me if any of these crafts really existed.

Sr. and Jr. were in the office, looking at something and when I started telling them my dream, they were both taking guesses as to what aircraft I might have dreamed about.. and then my son told me to look up Project Stargate, which supposedly had been run out of Ft. Meade.

I debated on posting my dream, but it’s probably nothing. However, if it is something, I’d rather someone out there in the cyberworld maybe got a clue from it. I sure as heck have no idea!!


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