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I love music. I thought I might try to find music clips I could include in my blogs now and then to punctuate what I’m thinking or writing about and thus, share my passion with whomever is listening.

For the past two weeks, I’ve been in a brain fog. Not sure why, and can’t think of any reason for it, but I have been. I’ve been going to bed at 2am or later and getting up between 8-9 am. Then, somehow, I get basically nothing done and my day is gone.

This song talks about the excuses you tell yourself (and others) about why you can’t succeed at anything. This past Friday, I was feeling particularly down and I started talking to Frank about why I’m not farther along in the things I want to get accomplished and I realized that there really wasn’t any excuse for not just doing them. I think people sometimes get so comfortable with where they are, and get so used to telling themselves that they can’t, can’t, can’t, that they convince themselves of that fact. Besides, inactivity is so much easier than putting forth effort, physically, emotionally and in thought.

I have a friend who travels out of the country. Last year, she began to worry, long before she left, that her legs wouldn’t be up to all the walking. For two years she has had the same concern. Granted, she does have a medical condition that can cause pain in her legs. The first year, she said things like, “if my legs hold up, God willing.” or “I hope my legs will be ok”. This past year she started saying she was old and that she wasn’t sure she would be alive and began saying even stronger things about her legs, like ” my legs won’t”.

When she got back from her travels recently, she was tired, but the elation and energy she put forth when she started telling me about how she rode a horse to the top of a volcano and then back down again made her seem as though she could accomplish anything and gave her a radiant glow. I heard no excuses as to how her legs couldn’t.. just that she did, and she was amazed and proud of her accomplishment. I pointed out to her that just because she’s 73 and she does have some difficulty, doesn’t mean she can’t do the things she wants to, and didn’t this example show her that she really can do things?

I’d imagine with a medical concern there may be things that you simply are not capable of doing anymore and I can understand that, but where do we cross the line from actually not being able to do and simply convincing ourselves that it can’t be done? Think of the people who are told they will never walk again who are up and about months later.

All well and good when said, but what about those days where I don’t feel *I* can? I just have to remember that life is never a flat line and when I feel like I can’t, I need to turn to things that let me know that I can. Thus, I’ll listen to this song.


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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