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I went house hunting on Sunday. I’ve been flapping my jaws about moving for about 2 years now, but this week I did something about it. It’s a baby step, but I did it. I called a realtor (remind me to tell you that odd story one time) and met with her to discuss the sale-ability of my current home. Depending on her estimation of a sale price was the determining factor as to if I should even be considering any of this. She came back with a figure that roughly matched what I thought I could get for the house. Step two was to go out and look at what there is in my price range. Granted, homes go on the market and come off all the time, but if there really doesn’t seem to be a consistent amount of homes I’d even be willing to look at for certain prices, what’s the point? We chose to go look in Pennsylvania and upper Maryland. I found a few places I was interested in and found towns where I felt comfortable. A good first volley into the moving realm.

Yesterday was also my eldest son’s birthday. He turned 22. We had a very nice celebratory dinner with him and his fiancee, Deb, at Long Horn, joined by a family friend. It was nice to see him. He works so much that I only get to glimpse him now and then. Happy Birthday, Frank.

Today is the anniversary of my mother’s death. She died in 2004. My father had preceded her in death by 11 months, passing away in August of 2003. When they died, I took most of the photos, with the intent (I still have this intent) of scanning them and making copies for my siblings, but while putting them away in a safe place, I felt I needed to make a memoriam of some kind right then. This is what I made….


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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