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The Realtor

Sometimes things just click and you feel like you are on the right path.

I had gotten a football schedule on the bottom of a magnet for a realtor at least a year ago..probably more along the lines of 2. I promptly ripped off the schedule and put the realtor’s card on the fridge. During these 2 years, I’ve purged the side of my fridge repeatedly, tossing pizza delivery and ambulance chaser magnets that seem to accumulate there. Every time I thought to toss the realtor, something told me not to. I had also received plenty of mailings and calendars from other realtors, which all got tossed into the trash without a second thought.

Frank had gone to a party about a year ago and met someone who is a realtor. She seemed nice and a mutual friend had recommended her, so Frank got her card and held onto it.

Last week, we decided that it was time to have the house looked at by a professional who would suggest a selling price that the market could bear for my home. There was no sense in going forward with thoughts of moving if the house didn’t sell for what we thought it would. Frank got out his card for the realtor he met, Heather, but I pulled the one off the fridge and after looking at the two, I told him I’d rather he call Nancy. He called Nancy and got her voice machine. He then suggested we call Heather and I told him no, I wanted him to call Nancy’s cell phone. He asked why I was so adamant on calling this lady and I didn’t really have a good reason, I just did. He called her and they chatted for a few minutes. When she asked for our last name, she thought it was odd that she was working with another family nearby who had the same last name. (We do not have a common name, nor a common spelling) Next she began to query Frank on how we got her number. When he explained, she was even more confounded. She hadn’t sent that schedule out to just anyone and never in a mailing that she could remember.

We set an appointment and she came by to meet us. We felt instantly comfortable with her. She looked over the house and confirmed what I had thought would be a reasonable sale price for this house, even in this market. While we chatted, we found we had many similarities and clicked on many levels. When she asked what we did for a living, and I told her my job and what kinds of things we were involved in, such as the opera and the symphony, she perked up. She said she had gone to the most recent production of Tosca. Frank explained to her that she had indeed, witnessed his stage debut and what his part had been and she remembered. Again, a strange and small little connection. Right before she left, she mentioned that she’d had some work on her shoulder. It was one of the only days it’s rained around here recently and she seemed a bit achy. We thought nothing of it, said our goodbyes and felt good about the meeting.

Later that evening, our daughter came home from one of her jobs. She is currently interning with a Physical Therapist since that’s what she’s going to college to study. She saw the card and info Nancy had left us on the table and asked if that was the person who had come to meet us. We told her it was and she said, “I know her, she’s a patient of ours.” We had never mentioned our daughters name or where she worked to Nancy. The only mention was, “Our daughter is going to college and is really angry that we are considering moving from “HER” home.”

The weekend passed and on Monday we got a call from Nancy who was just checking in with us. Frank mentioned that we had someone in common and before he could tell her, she said she knew! Now it was our turn to be confused. She had gone to visit her therapist and was talking about coincidences and things such as having two clients with the same strange last name less than 5 miles apart who didn’t know each other. When she said the name, the therapist told her that it was even stranger, because our daughter was his internist and Nancy knew her.

It’s those little things that tell me I’m on the right path and that I called the right person!


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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