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What To Buy…. What To Buy…..

I’m currently in a dilemma. My Solara convertible is a lease and it’s just about time to be done with it. For the past week or so I have driven more vehicles than I wanted to and still am really no closer to knowing what I want. grrrr

I originally thought I’d go with an 08 Altima Coupe, which is very sporty and drove very nicely, but these are so hot they are flying off the lots and the combination that I want isn’t easy to find. I could wait, but there is the issue that because of supply and demand, there isn’t really any wiggle room in the price. No one really has to ‘deal’. You either pay MSRP or you walk away and the next person steps up and takes the deal.

Then I started looking for other vehicles in the 4 cylinder sport coupe realm. I’m not really ready for the “granny sedan” just like I resisted the “soccer mom minivan”. The Toyota Camry Hybrid appealed to my green side, but it is just so VANILLA it’s not funny. It’s like driving a flying couch and if you are into that, so be it, but I like to drive. I also had issues with the fact that since the engine turns off when you stop, the car hesitates and then shuddered and then kicked in before you would go, so if you are one of those who likes to take off from a stop, forget it.

I also tried a Prius. Totally cool interior- especially for geek girl like me. I really liked the instrumentation, but again, the hesitation and the little engine just didn’t work for me. The biggest downfall was that the steering wheel is located pretty low on the dash and doesn’t telescope, and for tall people it’s hard to reach if you need to put the seat all the way back to fit the pedals.

Next on my list was the Dodge Avenger. I wanted to like this car since I LOVED my old Intrepid, but alas and alack, it was not to be. The Avenger was cheap and angular inside with enough plastic and disturbing boxy and linear dashboard clutter that I couldn’t get over it. The engine really seemed to be straining to haul around the heavy body and I’d have to go to a 2.7 liter just to compensate and at that, I’m giving up some mileage.

Then I went through the online search of Hyundai, Subaru, Ford, Chevrolet, Kia and VW, with nothing really catching my eye there. Pontiac g5 looks ok, I like the G6 better but the price on the G5 was a bit better, but my son said NO, I couldn’t have that car due the to lacking safety ratings… hmmm what next.

Now I’m looking at at Cooper Mini. True it’s kind of like a station wagon, but it is unique and cute in my book, plus the bonus is that it’s actually a BMW and the review say it’s fun to drive. I’ve priced one of those and it looks like I can get what I want on it… (including British Racing Green!!) and still afford the payment. Next I need to test drive it and see if I like the feel of it.

I’ve never had such a difficult time finding a car that I like before…. sigh… but everything happens for a reason!


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