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What I Bought

Hello! I’m back, did you miss me?

It’s been a busy few weeks and I have a few stories to tell, but since I left off with the car hunt, I suppose I should start there.

Obviously I bought the 08 Altima Coupe.

I did go test drive the Mini and if anyone out there is considering this car, make sure you drive both the Cooper and the Cooper S. The Cooper was stiff and then engine seemed to *just* be able to move, but the turbocharged Cooper S was a blast to drive. Literally! That little rocket just took off, and every time it did, it produced a bit of torque steer. Being a nimble little thing, at least 1000 lbs lighter than the Altima, and producing 177 hp, every little movement of the steering wheel produced response. No sloppy steering here. With the combination of a heavy foot and responsive steering, the torque steer seemed to be something I’d have to learn to deal with. I wasn’t really happy with some of the cheap plastic knobs inside, and when we did our test drive, a check engine and check brake alerts came on. Then the windshield wipers went haywire. Our salesperson likened our little car to a cell phone that acts funky if you don’t update the software frequently and you let it sit for awhile. Considering that the dealerships close to me are 45 minutes away, and that I had read a few people’s reviews stating that service was not so good at those dealerships, I had to let the Mini go.

I had to take my daughter to college, so car buying was put on the shelf for a bit, and Libby and I enjoyed some down time at the beach. If you’ve been in Maryland at all this summer, you know that we have had a drought. That’s because I wasn’t at the beach.. forgive me. Next summer I’ll go once a week to assure your crops of rain! It rained the majority of the time I was there with Libs, but that was ok, because we just napped and read and chatted and basically did nothing- which is something new for me.
Me- “Libs, what do you want to do?”
Lib – “Ma, don’t you know how to do nothing? Can’t you just sit still and be??”
Me – “No. But I’ll try.”
Lib- Sigh…

I think we had that verbal exchange about 3 times a day.

After getting her into her dorm – a subject for a different blog- I had a few days left at the beach. On the last day, Sean calls me and says I need to go look at a car in Salisbury, so on my way home, I did.

I am not a big fan of silver cars, but this car is a strange gray that looks different all the time. In bright sunlight, it looks like a light gray, when it’s overcast it looks like a storm cloud. It’s just dark enough that I like it.

Long sales story short and multiple trips back and forth between my sales person and sales manager (don’t you just HATE that part) I bought the car and my payments are the same as they were for the Solara. I brought it home through a torrential downpour with bolts of lightning zapping all around and stiff winds and then a traffic jam due to an accident and it performed wonderfully.

Now I’m having fun with the Bose stereo system and the hands free blue-tooth. It’s so cool to just push a button, tell the car to call someone and then chat with them while you are driving down the road as if they were sitting in the seat next to you!

I’m happy with it; now it needs to tell me it’s name.


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