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Labor Day

For me, Labor Day is not a holiday. It means the day I have to labor!

To be honest, I’m pretty lucky about my job. I mostly work from home – which can be harder than some of you think – and can set my own hours and work schedules, but there are still deadlines and things that have to be done.

I was recently told that I am not allowed to work above a certain amount of hours since I am not full time and that the downtown offices would take over some of my work. I was concerned about the continuity of projects that I had been working on and I guess there was good reason for that.

After giving detailed instructions a month in advance to the downtown offices, I still don’t have a large component to my project and won’t have it until tomorrow…the day I have to present it. Great! The second component of this project are presentation folders. Since material has different levels of priority, I had given explicit instructions as the the order the materials should be presented. Guess what is all wrong. I had additionally asked for extra copies of all the inserts be available, which there are none. I had some prior commitments this past weekend, so this all culminates in today being a holiday that I have to work. GRRRR… And it also makes it so the hours that were trying to be saved by the downtown offices are now going to be partially duplicated as I fix errors.

No time like the present….


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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