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Feeling Grumpy

And wow is he small…

Ok, most of you probably didn’t get the joke, but it made me smile so who cares?

I’ve been working late all week long and having to be “on” which can be so annoying at times. How many times can you force your face into a false smile and have it not look like a grimace? I’ve been very clear in communicating what needs to be done and the rules of engagement for each step of the process, but still I am bombarded by repetitive questions, all usually previously explained in great detail in a prior email or conversation.

I would consider the fact that maybe I just hadn’t been clear except when I repeat the same information I gave out in said emails, the recipients seem to suddenly ‘get it’ and you can see their whole face light up with understanding. Duh…

I think people just don’t read.

There is this person who has treated me so poorly that I have a pretty big hurt right about now that I’ve been working on healing. Without excommunicating myself from others that I like, there is no way to get completely away from this person, which means that when new blogs are posted or conversation occurs with the “mutuals” then my scab is picked off and I’m freshly aware of the garbage that has been going on is still there. That sucks, and I’m sure there will be more on that topic later, when I feel good and angry and ready to discuss what a total waste of my life this person has proven to be. Right now, I’m too busy to go into it any more than I have.

Speaking of busy, my butt needs to get back to work…


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

2 thoughts on “Feeling Grumpy

  1. There seems to be a commonality…people who don’t read a message and then respond with a question that was answered in the mail they didn’t read.Small…referring to the amount of reading comprehension or length of memory?

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