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Okey Doke

I have a pile of work on my desk that has grown since before the holidays and you know what, I don’t really care. It’s not making me anxious, and I’m not worrying about it. I’ll get to it soon enough. For now, it’s a lovely place for my cat to curl up and help me compose and read blogs.

I’m trying really hard to get through the book I have listed here. Not that it’s BAD, per se, it’s just that it kinda drags in the middle and what I’d really like to start reading is “Dewey” which is a true story about how a small town library got a little kitten that changed the town.

Ok, holiday horror story. I think I’m pretty safe talking about this *here*.

I’ve been working on a gift for someone for a while. I would have had it done much sooner, if I hadn’t concurrently been working on a Dr. Who scarf (see example in above photo) for “he who must not be named”, that’s right, I was working on a scarf for Voldemort…. not… anyway, the Dr. Who scarf was supposed to be from season 12 (I think, or maybe 13? doesn’t really matter) but the result is that I got up to about 8 feet and then the person I was knitting it for vanished into thin air. That’s right >pop< … just like that. Imagine that… lol… and I had been so diligently working on that sucker since December of last year and it had taken priority, since it was supposed to be a birthday gift. No such luck.. the disappearance meant that I was now free to work on something else. The smaller project I thought would be done in time for the holidays.

Pahahahahaha!!! Who am I kidding here?? I was/am using tiny little knitting needles for a fine gauge scarf for someone. That freaking takes forever to get even a foot. And it’s not like I sit and knit for hours on end. Hello!! Are you new here?? Why do you think I only had 8 feet of the Who scarf done???? And I was *TRYING* to get that one done. Anywho, let’s just say I’m a bit shy of being done, but with concerted effort, I would have been finished in late December to early January. Actually, that would have been pretty good timing.

Not to be the case my friends. The person I was making this for required a command performance at her house for the holidays. Apparently their gift was already chosen and  ready to roll and she wanted to be sure that she checked her gift giving off her list of to-do’s. The day she had chosen was my baking day, so I had spent the entire day with flour up to my elbows, trying to figure out what I was going to do for a gift for her. I knew that she loved my baked goods, since her family doesn’t “do” that kind of thing, so I was safe with that, but I also knew what she had gotten for the hubby and if she went there for him… well then my cookies weren’t going to compare.

Damnit, but I hate when I am right… and I OFTEN am.

I had decided that along with the goodies, I’d give her the same thing we’d given some other co-workers, which was actually kinda small. I was NOT happy. I was NOT ready. I’m still going to give her the gift I’m making, but now the timing is all off and she’ll think it’s in response to hers instead of realizing it was started ages ago. Grrr… oh well, what can one person do?  Maybe I should have just finished up the Dr. Who scarf and given it to her.. hahahahaha!!

Actually, I think I *AM* going to finish it. Either I’m going to keep it (hell, I paid almost 100 bucks for the freaking wool yarn) give it to the hubby, risk sending it thru the witness protection program for it’s intended target, OR, most likely, put it up for sale on EBAY!! If for no other reason than to recoup the cost of the yarn. Hey, these are tough economic times guys… a girls gotta do what  girls gotta do!!


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