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My Whovian Weekend

Ok, I admit it. I spent the better part of my weekend sitting on my arse and watching TV.

(insert sharp intake of breath here)

I know, I know… for those of you who know me, TV and I are not on the best of terms most of the time. Unless I’m sitting down to knit something, and then it’s usually something to listen to instead of actually watch. (Hit the pause button, I must admit that I do like to watch “Dexter”.)

When I was about 17, I started watching “Dr. Who” on public television. I made sure I got home from any dates or from running the streets, just so I could catch an episode. Throughout my adult life, I’ve still tried to catch Dr. Who as much as possible, but only recently did it become more accessible to me. (I mean, there was that huge amount of time where there just WASN’T any new Who. It was rerun hell there for awhile) Anyway, when they started making new Who, I was excited to see what it would be like, but catching it weekly never seemed to be possible.

Let’s all sing the praises of television seasons that get put onto DVD!!

I was given the first two seasons of the new Dr. Who to watch, but my source dried up for season three, so I was beginning to think I would have to buy it, but lo and behold, Netflix had season three on INSTANT play and so Hubby and I curled up on the couch and prepared ourselves for 14 episodes of Whovian bliss. Wow! We had a blast. We both had liked the first two new seasons but season 3 outdid both of them. Now I have to find season 4, or find out how long I have to wait for it……

All good things come to those who wait… or those who have internet and a credit card!!


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