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Workout Warehouse

I went with #3 to his new gym today. It’s MASSIVE. He joined Lifetime Fitness, which has two floors, 3 pools, a cafe, a spa, ball courts and rock climbing and is totally and absolutely TOO BIG for me.

I think I’ll keep my little gym in the ‘hood.

We walked into the marble foyer and went to the front desk and got a guest pass and a key card. After walking past the very busy cafe where you can buy sandwiches, candy bars (really? candy bars??) and coffee drinks, we went to the locker rooms which was connected to the pool, put away our items and then I stood outside waiting for #3 to come out.

Oh the variety of people there were!! There was a man who had on his puffy coat, and a towel on his head with a stocking cap over top of that. He was a black man, with a black coat and a black hat, so the white towel sticking out of his had made him look like he was wearing a terrycloth wig. It was so…. wrong looking….

Then there was an extremely petite woman who was dressed in designer sweats, (oh, they had to be) who just ooozed money and attitude who adjusted her glittering bebe hat as she walked by.

There was an elderly man who was wearing a pair of dress pants, a sweater vest and a paperboy cap, looking like he’d just come from a few rounds of golf, who got on a stationary bike and pedaled away. (Not sure he was really dressed for the gym, but like the man and woman I saw before him, whatever floats your boat!)

Upstairs, we walked into a sea of bouncy humanity. There was row after row of machines with people on them. I chose a treadmill in the last row, in the sunny corner, away from everyone. I don’t need to hear the grunts and groans of my fellow workout people. I’m just fine in my happy little corner.

I think the most ironic thing we saw was a little girl sitting on equipment and playing on her PS2.

When we had finished our time in the main gym, we decided to try out the climbing wall. Oh ok, I admit it, HUBBY and #3 tried the climbing wall and #3’s girlfriend and I sat and watched the boys, the whole time laughing while they tried to put on their climbing harnesses. Hubby was having some troubles putting his harness on and was failing miserably at not committing indecent exposure. I had to have #3 adjust his drawers to save his modesty. How do men wear those harnesses?? I mean, everything was just so THERE and OUT LINED for the world to see!!  *I* enjoyed the view while Hubby climbed for a bit and then it was time to leave.

It was definitely an experience, but not one I really want to repeat. Like I said before, I’ll keep my little gym in the ‘hood where we all look like normal people, we have simple equipment and Hubby won’t be tempted to show of his package again. I mean, hey!! I have my priorities you know.


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