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Biopsy or Bicycle

I’m baaaa-aaack!

Yesterday, I wrote about my youngest and her biopsy today. I drove the 2 hours to take her to the hospital where we waited about 2 hours for her appointment. She was cranky and tired and worried, so in other words, she was not so nice to be with. They called us back and did a preliminary ultrasound, asked a few questions and then looked again. They called the physician down who was going to perform the procedure and had him look at the scans. Everyone had a furrowed brow.

I could see that her thyroid was riddled with holes, but we already knew that. After some consulting each other and a radiologist who confirmed that everyone was on the same page, they told us that they had decided to NOT biopsy her cysts. They said she looked good, for someone with swiss cheese for a thyroid and that they didn’t see a need to do a biopsy. I was ecstatic. She was pissed.

She wasn’t angry that she wasn’t sick or that she didn’t have anything wrong, that probably didn’t even cross her mind. She was pissed that she had worried and lost work, and “wasted her time” and money on something that she shouldn’t have had to worry about. She didn’t want to hear that now we know that she’s going to be fine, she was just annoyed that they had riled her up for no good reason. Heck, I’d rather her get riled up and have not good reason than to have them tell me my baby was malignant ANY DAY!! Where do I sign up?!!

Since she hadn’t eaten, a VERY LARGE part of why she was so cranky, I took her to get some BLinner. (Breakfast/Late Lunch/Early Dinner) Once we got some food in her, she was much improved. (He who must not be named once called her a mini-me…lol, it’s so true!)

She’s moved into a townhouse and doesn’t have a dresser, so since we were right next to the Walmart, I suggested that we go in and look around. She was non committal so I figured she was just tired and wanted to go home. We got all the way back to the townhouse before she spoke up about wanting to look around at the store for a dresser and a bike. (A bike?? That was a new one!) So, back to Walmart we went with her car and about 45 minutes and multiple “discussions” about helmet laws and how I WOULD NOT buy her a bike unless she promised to wear one, we came out with a bike, a lock and a helmet so she can ride to classes. Her thoughts were that it would be cheaper, she could use the exercise, and she wouldn’t have to fight for parking. Good points, which is why she got the bike.  Heck, it used to be that when the kids had to go to the Dr., they were assured of getting a Slurpee!!

I skirted black ice and freezing fog, but I’m home again and I’m ready for a worry-free snooze knowing that like I was told two days ago by a very wise man, everything was ok.


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