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General Gibberish

Mid-January… time to get back into the groove of all things that are pre-holiday, like exercise and work. (Aren’t they the same thing? One is for the mind the other is for the body, tho..)

I got a set of 8 lb weights for the house so I can work on toning up my arms and such and I got a new pair of walking shoes. Now if I can force my warm and comfy butt to go outside to walk,  or to go to the gym and walk on the treadmill, I’ll be halfway there. Most of the junk is outta da house now and even #3 complained that he hates it now that Mom is back to eating healthy again.

I have a goal. I’m leaving for an overseas trip in July and my goal is to be one pant size smaller before I go. I don’t care about the numbers (although they are dropping) on my scale, I care about being fit and healthy, so I chose to make smaller clothes my goal. I’m already 3 pant sizes smaller than last year, so that’s a good thing, I guess.

I cleaned up my files and my desk and made a list of all the stuff I need to do to help me get it all done. Now all I have to do is find that can of insta-focus and then I’ll be set! Anybody got a spare can?

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I Want Money

I called the company this morning and they told me that I actually do have an option. I can either convert my APR, which is currently at 4.8% since I had taken advantage of promotional offers, to 7.99% and they’d drop my repayment calculation to 2% of the total balance from the current 5%, OH and drop the monthly SERVICE FEE of $10.00 they are now charging me as well, which they actually charge interest on at 9.99%. Yep, they will CHARGE ME and ADDITIONAL $120.00 a year at 9.99% unless I bow and change to their new terms. And if I cancel and close the account??? They will STILL charge me the $10.00 service fee until my balance is paid in full. Ain’t that some kind of poo?

And the criteria for this change?? As stated in their change of terms (which I finally got by asking AGAIN for it) “The key factors we considered when making these changes include the current APRs and revolving balances associated with your account.”

So, because I had consolidated at their OFFERED reduced APR and played by all their rules and never defaulted, THAT was the criteria for changing my terms. They didn’t want to uphold their end of a deal and did this to force me to change since the greedy pooheads need every penny they can get from me in the new economic climate.  I smell class action suit… man I hope a lawyer can figure out how to do that.. I’d be on the bandwagon right away.

And apparently so does my credit card company.

I got a voice message from my credit card company saying that the change in my account would begin with the next billing cycle. Funny, I hadn’t seen any change of terms notifications in my billing statements… hmmm. I figured they were going to raise my payment but wasn’t really too concerned, since I always overpay my account anyway. I’m *trying* to pay off the silly thing, but since I used it to consolidate a few others, it’s not the smallest balance.

Today I got the statement. They didn’t raise my payment by a little bit, they raised it OVER 50%. Now my payment is the equivalent of renting an apartment. WTF?? I’ve paid these guys more than my minimum for years now, never missed a payment and they sucker punch me like this?  I got online so I could see the change in terms page I must have missed. They said I had to agree to paperless statements to now be able to look at my account online… um.. no. Then I called to see if I could get a copy.

The woman who answered does not speak English as her first language and must have taken a nasty pill that day. I asked her about being able to see the change of terms on line and she insisted I had gotten a letter in the mail. First off, I’m really an organization freak and I look at EVERY piece of mail I get and I actually READ all the stupid change of term notices they send because I KNOW if you don’t pay attention they will screw you. So I also know I didn’t get a letter. She tells me that there is a notation in my account stating that I got the letter. I asked her how it was possible to have a note in my account, and every other person who go this letter, to positively confirm that I got the letter. I mean, did they have tracers on these letters? Did the postman have to sign a form insuring that the letter got into my mailbox? Ridiculous.

Next, I asked why I can’t get to my statements on line anymore and why did I have to agree to go paperless to look at information online. She said it didn’t matter, the letter had come to me. Ok, I’m getting angry now… I told her I still dispute having gotten the letter, but I want to see it online. She says that the opt out period is over, so I don’t need the letter anymore. I tell her that’s my business and just to answer the question.. why can’t I see it online? She says, AGAIN, that the letter was in my mail and it’s too late.

Deep Breathe….

Ok, then I ask her to tell me why I had the terms change on one account I have with this company, but not on the other. What was the criteria that triggered one account? I still have the same credit rating and payment history no matter which account you are looking at, so why punish me on one account and leave the other one alone? In the beginning of the call, she had verified my info, but now she asks for my credit card number again. Huh? Um no, she should have it there, wasn’t she looking at it? At this point, she’s VERY nasty so I asked if I could speak with her manager. She says that since it’s the weekend, I’d have to wait until Monday, but if I would JUST GIVE HER the information, she’d put a note in my account to have someone call me.

At this point, I gave up. I told her I was not at all happy with her customer service skills and that I would prefer to call back on Monday and speak with someone who didn’t have an attitude and hung up.

Not only was it an ugly experience, but now I have tons of questions as to what and how they base their decisions on how they adjust their terms… it seems like it’s discrimination of some kind if it happened to one account but not the other and there isn’t one negative thing on my account.

I guess I’ll just have to transfer everything off this account and close it. It’s a shame, because I’ve had an account with them for over 20 years, even when they’ve changed banks numerous times. I had consolidated because they had great rates and I NEVER defaulted on any of my payments, so I’m just so ANNOYED.  So, now, I WANT MONEY!!  And I guess because they’ve made some stupid choices, now they do too!!!

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Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

It’s just one of those evenings… I’ve had 3 hours sleep and I definitely caught a second (third?) wind and I’m buzzing along, kicking butt and taking names!!

Why is it that sometimes, when you’ve had little to no sleep, you can be your most productive? Dunno, but I’ll take it while I can!

I started reading “Dewey” and am convinced that all cats have similar crazy behaviors. They all like to sleep in boxes, they all love to sit right in the middle of whatever project you have going and they all like to run around chasing things nobody else really sees.

So, why can you now put a theme on your profile page, on you home page but there are no themes for blogs? Why is that still crazy.. and why hasn’t someone made a suite of themes?? Or have they and I just don’t know where to go to get them. I must admit, I’m not as well versed in MySpace as I am in Multiply, but until recently, the interface with MySpace was just too YUCK for me. I’ve liked the changes they’ve made. Some of them remind me of the Yahoo 360 days.

Ok, enough senseless blathering for today. I’ll try to have something more interesting to talk about the next time I stop by here!! Promise!! Heheheh… I mean, I’m sure I could dig up some dirt from somewhere in my saved stash of stuff…. lol

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My Whovian Weekend

Ok, I admit it. I spent the better part of my weekend sitting on my arse and watching TV.

(insert sharp intake of breath here)

I know, I know… for those of you who know me, TV and I are not on the best of terms most of the time. Unless I’m sitting down to knit something, and then it’s usually something to listen to instead of actually watch. (Hit the pause button, I must admit that I do like to watch “Dexter”.)

When I was about 17, I started watching “Dr. Who” on public television. I made sure I got home from any dates or from running the streets, just so I could catch an episode. Throughout my adult life, I’ve still tried to catch Dr. Who as much as possible, but only recently did it become more accessible to me. (I mean, there was that huge amount of time where there just WASN’T any new Who. It was rerun hell there for awhile) Anyway, when they started making new Who, I was excited to see what it would be like, but catching it weekly never seemed to be possible.

Let’s all sing the praises of television seasons that get put onto DVD!!

I was given the first two seasons of the new Dr. Who to watch, but my source dried up for season three, so I was beginning to think I would have to buy it, but lo and behold, Netflix had season three on INSTANT play and so Hubby and I curled up on the couch and prepared ourselves for 14 episodes of Whovian bliss. Wow! We had a blast. We both had liked the first two new seasons but season 3 outdid both of them. Now I have to find season 4, or find out how long I have to wait for it……

All good things come to those who wait… or those who have internet and a credit card!!

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Okey Doke

I have a pile of work on my desk that has grown since before the holidays and you know what, I don’t really care. It’s not making me anxious, and I’m not worrying about it. I’ll get to it soon enough. For now, it’s a lovely place for my cat to curl up and help me compose and read blogs.

I’m trying really hard to get through the book I have listed here. Not that it’s BAD, per se, it’s just that it kinda drags in the middle and what I’d really like to start reading is “Dewey” which is a true story about how a small town library got a little kitten that changed the town.

Ok, holiday horror story. I think I’m pretty safe talking about this *here*.

I’ve been working on a gift for someone for a while. I would have had it done much sooner, if I hadn’t concurrently been working on a Dr. Who scarf (see example in above photo) for “he who must not be named”, that’s right, I was working on a scarf for Voldemort…. not… anyway, the Dr. Who scarf was supposed to be from season 12 (I think, or maybe 13? doesn’t really matter) but the result is that I got up to about 8 feet and then the person I was knitting it for vanished into thin air. That’s right >pop< … just like that. Imagine that… lol… and I had been so diligently working on that sucker since December of last year and it had taken priority, since it was supposed to be a birthday gift. No such luck.. the disappearance meant that I was now free to work on something else. The smaller project I thought would be done in time for the holidays.

Pahahahahaha!!! Who am I kidding here?? I was/am using tiny little knitting needles for a fine gauge scarf for someone. That freaking takes forever to get even a foot. And it’s not like I sit and knit for hours on end. Hello!! Are you new here?? Why do you think I only had 8 feet of the Who scarf done???? And I was *TRYING* to get that one done. Anywho, let’s just say I’m a bit shy of being done, but with concerted effort, I would have been finished in late December to early January. Actually, that would have been pretty good timing.

Not to be the case my friends. The person I was making this for required a command performance at her house for the holidays. Apparently their gift was already chosen and  ready to roll and she wanted to be sure that she checked her gift giving off her list of to-do’s. The day she had chosen was my baking day, so I had spent the entire day with flour up to my elbows, trying to figure out what I was going to do for a gift for her. I knew that she loved my baked goods, since her family doesn’t “do” that kind of thing, so I was safe with that, but I also knew what she had gotten for the hubby and if she went there for him… well then my cookies weren’t going to compare.

Damnit, but I hate when I am right… and I OFTEN am.

I had decided that along with the goodies, I’d give her the same thing we’d given some other co-workers, which was actually kinda small. I was NOT happy. I was NOT ready. I’m still going to give her the gift I’m making, but now the timing is all off and she’ll think it’s in response to hers instead of realizing it was started ages ago. Grrr… oh well, what can one person do?  Maybe I should have just finished up the Dr. Who scarf and given it to her.. hahahahaha!!

Actually, I think I *AM* going to finish it. Either I’m going to keep it (hell, I paid almost 100 bucks for the freaking wool yarn) give it to the hubby, risk sending it thru the witness protection program for it’s intended target, OR, most likely, put it up for sale on EBAY!! If for no other reason than to recoup the cost of the yarn. Hey, these are tough economic times guys… a girls gotta do what  girls gotta do!!