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Writer’s Block

WARNING: For those of you who hate those rambling, wandering blogs into the realms of perhaps something, but usually nothing… you may want to turn back now. As long as my counter already got your hit, I’m ok with you ignoring what I have to say. (Remember, I’m a hit whore.) Oh, and I’m lying.. it does bug me when people don’t read the whole blog.. but it *is* your prerogative.

Oh wow, who’da thunk that prerogative was spelled that way, eh?

I got up this morning and there was sunshine.. only minutes later it was cloudy and dark. Not the best way to start a morning. Then I started listening to music and Mendota, by DAC CRowell came on. It’s a drone zone ambient kind of song that you can find on a cool site called  I go there to get music from independent artists. You can pay as little as 5.00 for an entire album and they let you listen to the entire thing before you buy it. There are all kinds of music genres there as well, not just trippy space music like I’m listening to now. Although it fits with the NASA space footage going on behind me on hubby’s computer. I just keep waiting for the Alien to arrive.

Mmm, granny smith apples and peanut butter.. well, now you know what my snack was, eh?

Remember I was wondering/worrying over the Deep Vein Thrombosis thing? No worries about that now. I got a call on Monday telling me that my veins looked fine, but that I needed a skull xray. ‘Scuse me? What does one have to do with the other? Well, they don’t, actually. I had a Dexa scan to make sure my bones weren’t breaky-breaky and it turns out my bones are thicker than the average for my age. (I told everyone I was big boned!! Finally, vindication!) They couldn’t really give me a good reason why I needed the xray, just told me to go do it. And to go make an appointment with the Ortho. (my ankle is worse) So, I made an appointment with a NEW ortho, because the other one gave me the heebiejeebies and maybe that’s why I’ve been so reluctant to go to him. I”m sure the diagnosis will be the same, it’s just that I want to feel comfy when I talk to the Dr., you know?

I’m looking forward to my weekend. I’m going to the beach with hubby and hoping that #3 doesn’t completely trash the house with parties. I know that March doesn’t exactly seem like beach weather, but it’s our anniversary and we like the relative quiet there. Besides, it’s time for the annual mini golf challenge. We play a few rounds of mini golf and whomever wins the majority of the games (or the one if we only got that far) gets to be the “Boss” for the year! (How many believe I let Hubby be the boss?? Huh? How many believe that I can be dominated and controlled?? Raise your hands.. lemme count… hmmm, no takers? You must know me too well!) Ok, so maybe the title is ceremonial, but we still have the challenge. This past year, Hubby was the boss. (harumph)

*looking around* OK.. I think the next thing I have to do is fairly obvious. I have little piles all over the place that need filing. I always feel like filing is maintenance, not work, but I’m silly that way. It is work and I need to get to it, so I guess I’ll crank some tunes and oust the kitty from the inbox and decrease her comfy cushion of paperwork from her favorite sleeping place. What are you doing at work today?


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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