55 thoughts on “OC in March

  1. Ummmmm – I had a bad experience with these. Not good after you polish off an entire pizza yourself. Needless to say – I "blew up" the car….

  2. There was a picture of the map of Mexico I just couldn't post. It was so GROSS with all the things that had been splattered on it over the years that no one would have been able to look at it. Aztec whaling? Hm… were the Aztecs partial to the coast?

  3. I had dropped his hat into some fish juice from the previous night's dinner. I think he's actually just looking around to see what (who?) that smell is that's been following him around all day! LOL!

  4. Hahaha!! No, but farther down the boardwalk there is a giant shark that wiggles back and forth through a hole in the side of the Ripley's Believe it or Not Odditorium. Gulls love to sit on that shark and ride him back and forth.

  5. Beautiful Pictures..A few years back I took my daughter to StoneHarbor NJ over the Easter Weekend.It was supposed to be sunny but we had alot of rain. We still enjoyed the beach just had to wear our winter coats instead. Glad you two had fun!!

  6. That is exactly what happened to us all day. We went in to a bar and everyonewould leave. I think that's what happened to the Terps too. We watched them fora while and I think they left the court when they realized we were there.

  7. Fine time of year to visit! I mean no big crowds to hassel with. Really great photos too, you're quite the photographer (I'm satisfied you took most of them because you're only in two shots)

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