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Quick Hit and an Import

I shouldn’t even be doing this much, I have so much work to do, but I hate to have a blog just languishing with nothing posted to it. I mean, if you are going to take time to give birth to the thing in the first place you might as well nourish it and take care of it.

I wrote something a few months ago that I wanted to repost here. Since I actually have 5 blogs floating around in cyber space (ok, I *do* see the hypocrisy of having 5 and really only writing on two, but I do visit the others on a regular basis… it’s just I only have soo much to say!!), but really only write on 2 of them regularly, I thought I ought to bring that particular blog over here since it pertains more to this blog and (get ready for my shameless personal promotion) my multiply site.

I do usually write different things on either blog, so if you don’t see anything here and you are having a desperate need to read all things Sharon, then you can pop over there and see what I’m up to. And now, without further to do, I give you one of my favorite past posts! (changed just slightly to apply to this blog)

Dear MySpace Blog,
I have a confession. You are not the only one. I know our relationship
is new, and I find many interesting and intriguing things about you.
I’m sure our relationship will grow. I’ve already met many new friends,
just by knowing you and I’m happy to say that it looks like I’ll be
around for a long time, but I’ve had a faithful friend for awhile and I
just can’t drop my other blog by the wayside. I’m just not like that.
I’m a loyal and supportive person, trying to nurture all in my life to
be the best they can be, and my other blog has been there for me too.
It has provided me with support when there was nowhere else to turn to.
(the closure of Yahoo360) We’ve shared so much and enjoyed many times
together that I can’t stop thinking about the other blog, but you hold
my attention as well.

I’m hoping both you and my other blog can get along. I’d like to
introduce the two of you and let you get to know one another. Already
you each have a different feel about you, but I think that if you relax
and not allow jealousy to get in the way, you’ll see that you have much
more in common than just me and if you give it a chance, you’ll come to
like one another. You may even share blogs with one another now and

So please, don’t think that I’m leaving you and realize that I’m not
talking of ending my relationship with either of you. I understand it
may take time, but I’m willing to give that to both of you, since I
care that much. I want you to be secure enough to deal with the
situation like a mature blog. No name calling. No judging the other
blog out of turn. No insecurities about who has the better theme, or
who got an extra post and above all else, no DRAMA!! I promised my
other blog that I’d always be there and even if there has been a few
technical difficulties and rough spots, a promise is a promise and
should never be made, nor broken lightly or without much careful
consideration for all factors involved.

So, MySpace, I want you to meet Multiply.
You can find Multiply at . Go
and say hello.. I have nothing to hide from the two of you and want you
to foster a wonderful relationship with one another so our lives may be
fulfilled and enriched by an expansion in our little universe instead
of diminished by an exclusion.




I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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