41 thoughts on “Dollar Daze

  1. Every year we would go on vacation to Daytona Beach. The last day of our vacation we would take the Grandchildren to the dollar store on the beach. It was great. What kids can find for a dollar. I always ended up bying sea shells to send home with them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love how your "dollar store" sells picture frames for $19.99 and up. I had no idea that Michael's had been struck so hard by the recession that it needed to become a dollar store.

  3. Well then maybe that's why he's mad…someone cut off his long green thingies. (Don't radishes usually have those?)These are the guys that didn't get the Veggie Tales callback.

  4. Yes indeed.. it is an ardvark which has been smelling something with lots of pollen on it.. or a big yellow toothed snake bit it on the nose.. .. psst.. Sharon.. honey.. this is not really art .. this is animal planet come to life..

  5. umm humm.. a bean and a Pea! That carrot looks like me when I get pissed.. long on talk.. short on legs!… lol.. Looks like you guys had a great time.. thanks for sharing it with me!

  6. She did call me hysterical about the fact that she had run over an opossum. She said she saw it in the middle of the road, begged it to sit still, felt it hit under her car and then saw it staring accusingly at her after it had flipped a few times and landed a perfect 10!

  7. Lol, could have been that I was finished and was impatiently waiting while hubby continued to gnosh and decided to amuse myself with garbage, but I prefer to believe that an artistic moment inspired me to feats of beauty!!It definitely is senseless, isn't it! lol

  8. Veggie Tales rejects… lol… I had heard that Miss Pumpkin had even taken extra lessons and slept with Mr. Butternut Squash to be sure she landed the part! Guess Mr. Butternut Squash was just out for a piece of gourd.

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