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Planet of the Dead and Other Fun Things

Just finished watching the Dr. Who Easter special, “Planet of the Dead”.

It was good. Now the wait until November or so for the next installment of specials. (tapping foot impatiently)

Went out to get the mail today and noticed a brand new “For Sale” sign in my neighbors front lawn. Huh. They’ve been here longer than I have and that’s over 20 years. I guess with the kids gone and such, it’s time to move on. I’m a bit jealous, because I’ve been ready to move on for a while and one reason after another seems to come along and disrupt my plans. I’m not down for the count yet, but I don’t see me going anywhere for another year at least. Grrr. Maybe we’ll get great new neighbors. We already have some awesome neighbors on the other side. Not that the current ones are bad, not at all. They just never clicked with us and are about 10 years ahead of us in life choices, assuming that makes sense to anyone other than me! (Nyah.. it doesn’t have to either!)

Had fun over the weekend with the daughter. She came home for a day, which is better than not having her at home! We went to the dollar store to pick up a few things after breakfast. She found a toy Octopus that you can squeeze and the gelatinous innards will bulge wherever the pressure is the strongest. She was toting it through the store, squeezing away, when all of a sudden she busts out laughing.

She had squeezed this toy so much – or her athletic training is paying off with near bionic strength- that she POPPED the darn thing all over herself, but more importantly ALL OVER MY PURSE. EWWWW.


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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