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Never Ever Leave Me Alone…

In the sock aisle!!
Yesterday, I had the yearning to go to Tar-jay and get some new socks.
1. I like new socks
2. The boot is driving me nuts when the rubber padding touches my skin. (yes, me and rubber padding.. who didn’t see that coming? Lol)
3. It was raining and dreary and I had lots of work to do, so of course I shopped on my break.
4. Did I mention I like new socks? (oops, lemme wipe up that bit of drool… sorry, sorry, pardon me…)

Today is bright and sunny and so is my LEG!! Much better.

Hubby did find me the Lime green and Neon Pink duct tape at the craft store that I was considering using to help decorate my dreary gray boot, and I did eye some glittering stick on jewels (ooooo SHINY) but so far, I’ve only
invested in some new socks. Luckily, Hubby didn’t beat me when he saw
the bill!!

Hubby- “You only have three more weeks to wear that thing until you go back to the doctor.”

Me – “I know, but he said I’d be wearing it more than just one month! I can’t go around with dull stinky feet!”

Hubby – “We could always get you some long athletic socks..”

Me (Look of horror upon my face) “Eww!! They are so PLAIN!! Besides, I’ll wear these again.”

Hubby- “Those and the 100 other pairs of socks you own?” (he’s not exaggerating. At last count we were up to about 134 pairs – granted about 30 are plain white, so they don’t count!)

Me (grinning) “I wear them!!”

Hubby (sigh of resignation)

I love Hubby!!


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