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Planet of the Dead and Other Fun Things

Just finished watching the Dr. Who Easter special, “Planet of the Dead”.

It was good. Now the wait until November or so for the next installment of specials. (tapping foot impatiently)

Went out to get the mail today and noticed a brand new “For Sale” sign in my neighbors front lawn. Huh. They’ve been here longer than I have and that’s over 20 years. I guess with the kids gone and such, it’s time to move on. I’m a bit jealous, because I’ve been ready to move on for a while and one reason after another seems to come along and disrupt my plans. I’m not down for the count yet, but I don’t see me going anywhere for another year at least. Grrr. Maybe we’ll get great new neighbors. We already have some awesome neighbors on the other side. Not that the current ones are bad, not at all. They just never clicked with us and are about 10 years ahead of us in life choices, assuming that makes sense to anyone other than me! (Nyah.. it doesn’t have to either!)

Had fun over the weekend with the daughter. She came home for a day, which is better than not having her at home! We went to the dollar store to pick up a few things after breakfast. She found a toy Octopus that you can squeeze and the gelatinous innards will bulge wherever the pressure is the strongest. She was toting it through the store, squeezing away, when all of a sudden she busts out laughing.

She had squeezed this toy so much – or her athletic training is paying off with near bionic strength- that she POPPED the darn thing all over herself, but more importantly ALL OVER MY PURSE. EWWWW.

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Mmmmmm… a quiet morning rambling blog, my favorite!!

Last night, everyone got to bed a bit late after taking #3 to the urgent care doctor, who said exactly what Dr. Mom had said (it’s infected) but who can prescribe medicine, unlike Dr. Mom!!

Now my little puff cheeked child is on his way to work and the rest of the house is quiet.

Libs came home last night too, looking good. It’s hard for me to believe she’s coming up on 20 so fast. She becoming such an incredible young woman. I couldn’t be more proud of her. She has to take a summer class this year at college, so she won’t be coming home much this summer. Once a week for rehearsals and then she goes to England with us, so I guess that’s not too bad. Just isn’t what it’s always been.

It’s raining and gray out, but all the plants are starting to pop and the green is just so GREEN this time of the year. I love it. We did some yard work last weekend, but there is always so much more to do. Prime target? Take out the dead dogwood in the front yard and replace it with a mimosa tree.

Today is fan appreciation day at the local race track. Free admission, free program, cheap beer and hot dogs. I was considering going and watching the ponies run… or I could stay home and cut tickets and arrange for auditions and make name lists for flights and rooming. Let’s see… work or play… work or play…. well either way, I should start off with some tea and breakfast. Can’t wait forever for the house to wake up, now can I?

Found out that a friend needs a surgery. I told her to call me if she needed anything, rides, help with her charge, anything. I know this isn’t the easiest thing for her. (The surgery OR the asking for help)

Good wishes go out to B today. I know she’s in a tough place with some recent developments in her family. Chin up, B. Go kissy and lovey on Ricardo, it’s not *his* fault he’s mixed up with a crazy woman!!

Enough pointless rambling for the day.. time to make the donuts… mmmm donuts… DOH!

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Busy Bess

Bess, my bestest buddy of all time, loves to sit in my in-box of paperwork.
Right now, she’s alternating between taking a bath and finding things
on my desk that she can beat up, that currently being a paperclip. Oh,
wait, the package of Post It notes are the current target of attack. I
guess she would prefer I open them.

What Bess doesn’t know, is that I have a mountain of work to do and she will not be welcome upon that mountain for most of the day. That means she’ll try to jump up on, in, over, around, everything until I finally clear her a spot of some sort. I should probably just give up and let her have her place now and save some of the headache.

I’m not sure I’d know how to work on a desk devoid of Bess fur.

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I am getting…

the jitters


fed up with cable

excited about my trip

behind in my work

lazy about my strength training (boooo!)

re-energized about going to my gym

another opinion about my surgery – yes… ANOTHER ONE

tired of finding fur everywhere!!

ready for my party


more sleep than I used to

ready for 1/2 price burger night

papers together for the community meeting (I’m a board member again..)

the catalog out to see what classes I should take (work requires I learn!!)

my taxes ready to be mailed off. (painful, sigh)

up out of her chair and going out for a bit!!

Lol… have a great day!! Ta!

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Sugar Shock

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If you know me, this will surprise you, if you don’t then it’s something new you get to learn and file away in the useless pile of Sharon trivia!

I don’t like candy. I don’t like hard candy, I don’t like milk chocolate anything. I don’t like lollipops, just about any candy bar, gum.. nothin’. Once in a great while, I will crave Heath toffee in ice cream, but I don’t ever like ice cream.

I don’t like soda, I don’t like sweet drinks, I don’t drink my coffee with sugar and don’t you DARE put sugar in my tea. If I have a mixed drink, I’ll have a Cosmo, extra DRY.. as in barely any color in my vodka, please. (Notice I like vodka and not Southern Comfort?? lol)

I don’t like chocolate milk, I don’t like cocoa, I don’t like really sweet fruit.

I think you get the picture here.

(btw, even the goodies I do like, such as a deep dark chocolate cake, oatmeal cookies, muffins and such can’t be sweet. I prefer bitter and nutty… just like I like my men!)

Back to the story…..

I was working this morning and all of a sudden an overwhelming urge rose up and grabbed hold of the tenuous little thread of focus I had on my brain. A vision of m&m’s, jelly beans and rabbit shaped sweet tarts flooded my mind. The pastel colors a jumble of the spring siren song of……….EASTER CANDY!!!

About a month ago, I bought candy for the kids. Since they are all young adults, I decided to limit the choices and give them a few sweets. They didn’t need the usual huge basket of goodies. I made small baggies of goodies for each of them and figured I’d dye a few eggs and that would be that.

This morning, one of the kidlets asked me,
“Mommy, am I still getting my basket?”

You would have thought he was still 7 instead of 22.

Well, what is a mommy to do? I told him he’d be getting something, thinking of the little baggies I’ve had in my drawer for a little over a month. I knew right away he would be terribly disappointed in that little baggie and decided to make a mental note to stop by the store to “supplement” the kidlets little stash of goodies with some disgusting kind of Reese’s product and then thought nothing more of it.

Until that siren song flooded my mind and compelled me to rise from my office chair, raid the kidlets stash and consume half of a baggie of candy. WTH?? Who is this person and what have they done with Sharon??

I ate the sweet tarts, the jelly beans and some of the M&M’s and wow! am I buzzing along. I know the crash will come soon, and I’m FREEZING, but that little walk down the dark side of the candyman’s path was pretty good.

Guaranteed that if you ask me if I want anything sweet again tomorrow, I’ll look at you as if you’ve grown another head, but right then it was just the best thing on the planet.