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There really has been far too little of it here this Spring. I’m glad to see some this morning. Makes me want to get out my shovel and turn some dirt and plant some seeds and mow the grass and pull some weeds and go for a walk and… oh wait…. that darn boot is still on there.

No walkies for me..   bummer, dude. Hey, did you know that during the civil war there were groups of men that were sent off to go forage and pillage plantations for food for the northern army that were called bummers? I’d imagine this is where we get the term “bum” for someone who wanders around looking for handouts. How cool was that little piece of useless trivia, eh?

K, so here is the lowdown. I’m in the dumb boot for the rest of the summer, or just about. For anyone who was looking for an update, I WILL be in England in my lovely high fashioned footwear. Look out Trafalgar Square, here comes……….hmmmm… a catchy name fails me. I guess this will be your challenge.. try to come up with some super-de-duper catchy name for me. Pegleg Pete has been taken, and Hop-a-long is just too blase. Do it! I dare you.

On another note (yuk, yuk) the chorus is just too darn popular. (yay) We are completely sold out with a wait list for at least another 35 seats. We can’t do two concerts this Spring since the venue is booked up. I know we would have easily sold out both days, since we did in the winter.  I’m really glad that so many people want to come see us on Mother’s Day, but it is frustrating to have to tell them that I can’t give them any more tickets. If I could figure out how to legally and not painfully suspend people from the ceiling, I would. I had a family offering me large sums of money last night if I could just find them a few extra seats. Tempting… but not honest or fair, so I said I’d put him on the wait list. He declined.

Yesterday, I got a package in the mail. I thought it was for Hubby, but he told me to open it up. That sweet man of mine had gotten me a book that he thought I might like to read and a micro sd card. Huh? The book I get, but a teeny tiny little 8gb card? Does anyone else get the feeling there may be more to this than I’m seeing right now? Gotta love ‘im.


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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