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Swat Team?

I was just drifting off to sleep when I heard the helicopter hovering over the house. I thought it was maybe the shock trauma helicopter, but I didn’t hear the distinctive whirring sound that copter makes. After I few minutes I was curious enough to go see what was up. I hadn’t heard anything going on and my dog wasn’t barking, so it couldn’t have been much.

I looked outside to see cars converging across the street and armed officers spilling out of the vehicles and swarming the house. Then I noticed the copter searchlight shining one house over and saw them all go stalking off that way. Shortly thereafter, I saw them ‘escorting’ a man to one of the police vehicles.

Most of these vehicles were undercover, none were running their lights or sirens. One had come to a stop on the wrong side of the road and what I thought had been flags attached to the windows, actually separated themselves from the vehicle and ran off into the night. I watched until they came back, standing on the vehicles running boards and holding on to the side of the car. I have a feeling they were looking for one other person.

So, that kinda cured my sleepiness and I stayed up for a bit longer. I watched from my office and saw vehicles zooming into my neighborhood and searching for then next two hours. I haven’t seen anything in the news, so I have to hope that they caught whomever they were looking for.

Monday, my car was ransacked. Someone got in and looked through every part of my vehicle, tossing aside cd’s and tools. (No one but me would listen to bagpipes in the car!!) They didn’t take anything, not even the change in the change cup, and didn’t harm my car, so I didn’t report it. Maybe I should have.

On the one hand, it freaks me out that there was a manhunt in my neighborhood. On the other, the amount of officers, the quiet way they handled it and the apparent success of their endeavours makes me feel better about the ability of my local police force.

How would you feel?


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